Thursday, 18 August 2011

ThiS CybEr LovE..

Don't know if it's real or in my dreams ?
Unraveling my beings in tatters it seems
You swept my heart along with my soul
It's only cyber love but made me whole

You know I need you now, tomorrow and forever?
Come out of this screen let's be together !
This unrealistic place that occupies my mind
In this virtual world I found an unique kind

You're my everything, my passion & desire
A spark in my soul which lights to fire
You're my angel that murmurs my name
Controlling the moves in this wicked game

This cyber love is the reason why I awake
But a sad story that I can never escape
It is too late, It's already in my spine
My heart skips a beat when I see you online

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Will You?

Will you still love me even if i'm not perfect ?
Will you still want me if im not what you wish ?
Will you still look into my eyes whenever I talk ?
Will you still hold my hands to wherever I walk ?

My silence is because i fail to find words
To express my struggle to live on this earth
Unknowingly if I was the reason for your tears
Neither was I happy in these past cruel years

My desire is to protect you and see you smile
Even if I can't but willing to crawl for miles
At times my troubled mind soaked you in pain
I swear to you that i will not do this again

I love you and would love you from my heart & soul
I know I can do this since you are noone but my own
I only survive by your devine love forever true
This is why I look beautiful to many eyes & to you

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

WhAt ShOulD I dO ?

If I have to walk a mile
To prove myself another chance
To view your one happy smile
From sky to earth I will dance

I dont want you to be my friend
I neither want to blindly lie
Coz you mean to me more than that
Please don't ask me the reason why

For me gold is not precious
Nor diamond nor platinum in trend
What is most valuable to me
Not anyone can comprehend

Why are you always calm
While I feel always lost
I would like to be so bold
To let them know what my love costs

Thursday, 21 July 2011

ClOuDS oF lOvE..

On that lonely night I met you
My little heart stopped beating
It has frozen with desire
At the sight i was seeing

This night was not clear
And I have noone to blame
But to me it is special
For you have started this flame

Very far by million seas
Though no sea can quench this fire
It hasn't come to me easily
Finally it was like another pyre

Waiting in vain for the day
When you'll come to me near
Ready to cross these million seas
Even if the clouds decide to disappear

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MeeT mE iN tHe sTarS...

When settling down at the end of the day
My thoughts on you who are miles away
The void in my heart broadens inside
As I wipe a tear I am trying to hide

Closing tight my eyes wanting to sleep
Twisting & turning finally sat up to weep
Slowly recollecting what you said to me
Let's meet in the stars without fail i will be

"Meet me in the stars i'll wait for you
With a bottle of wine and glasses for two
Merely closing your eyes you'll definitely see
Holding these two glasses in the stars i will be"

Remembering those words i began to smile
Gradually i close to shorten these miles
The stars upon the sky beautifully arranged
Still I haven't seen you, no hugs to exchange

Sitting alone with a hope in this heart
You'll come one day won't keep me apart
Vaguely I could feel a shadow appears
A tear roll down my cheeks and the image is clear

Undoubtedly the image is what i want to see
Sitting in the stars as you promised to me
Waving your hand Wanting to come near
Slowly whispering "I miss you dear"

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My FanTasY ..

A little hope remained in me
That one day you'd come along
Will there be an answer to my prayers?
Will there be a music to my song?

Like a miracle that takes place
For someone in the right time
This miracle should change my life
And realise the fantasy of mine

This fantasy was always vague to me
Where I saw no person or his name
But now I know from where it comes
I learned that I am never the same

I'm sorry if I fixed my gaze at you
Please don't hate me if I stare
I'm staring at the hopeful fantasy 
When I saw you standing there !

Monday, 27 June 2011

A LovE liKe No OthEr ..

From my teenage to a young lady
I never felt like this before
A feeling out of the world
An unique feeling I've always hoped for

A feeling with love & friendship
Which has humour comes from the heart
It's a feeling that is so strong
It's a feeling that shatters when departs

Many times I caught myself smiling
A smile very broad from ear to ear
It brings an unknown joy to my soul
It comes surpassing all the fears

This is not an ordinary feeling
But very sensitive and very true
It is exceptional & hard to find
Finally it is found ONLY IN U !

Monday, 20 June 2011

My LoVe ... EveRlaStinG !!

You were the dream that filled my thoughts
An unrealised fantasy that i already forgot
I want to escape from this reality
An excuse I invent and smile alone sadly

You are my fairytale that never comes true
This I'd already known the day I met you
But wanting to live in this comfort
That one day this dream will heal my hurt

So many heartaches had crossed our ways
Just because this distance that kept u away
Every new path we are forced to take
Paved us the road that saved us from this fake

Life is not easy with burdens and drama
But I bear for you though you are far
Everyday surviving in this state so blue
That's because I have my love and soulmate in YOU

Friday, 17 June 2011

WheN looKed iNto YoUr eYes..

When first i looked into your eyes
Unknowingly i let out a thousand sighs
The thunder sound of my heart's beat
Sents me a shiver from head to feet

Your loving touch on my soul
Another inning of my life took its toll
The tide of love began to rise
Number of stars twinkled my sky

Just like a rainbow after the rain
My yellow horizon appeared again
When my eyes romanced with your eyes
All time and space were paralysed

Nothing but love I was shown
An universe I had never known
I dance and sing in this paradise
Each time I look into your eyes

Friday, 10 June 2011

O mY baBy ..

Are you a friend, or a lover ? 
You ask me to lie on your lap, lean on your shoulder
If I come closer, You say I'm your friend - O baby !
Why are you killing me, Why this torture ?

I'm melting slowly like a candle, 
You are coming in my dreams too
Splitting my eyelids, you kill me every night
What is your reply, save me from this plight

I asked for a drop of water
But you are drowning me in rain
I bend like a crucified cross
But in pleasure u erect me again

The tear at the corner of my eyes
Makes me blabber in excitement
I feel Like a desert flower - coz
The joy you brought has no end

All my dreams are in black color
And I see the nights in day times
O my knight in the shining armour
Come to me like the poetry that rhymes

I stand alone in the dark
You sent lights to surround me
I was locked in a room
You gave me wings to fly happily

Im crushed like a stamped flower
Abandoned child in this world
Creator doesnt come direct 
But you came and made me whole

Saturday, 4 June 2011

ThiS Will hAppEn..InshAllaH !!

Everything has come to an end
God has put a full stop to my joy
I decided to put myself a fenCe
Now nobody can treat me like a toy

Does this have to happen to me?
Is there any sin left unknowingly
When will my punishment get over?
Will the tears of sorrow stop slowly?

Thousand of needles poking my body
Feeling restless in this melancholy
Every second when I think of this..
Stream of tears flowing out continuously

Certain things better left unsaid
Since their meanings have no value all the way
If one day my love decides to speak
It'll bring u to me come what may!

Monday, 30 May 2011

An0thEr SleePleSs NigHt..

As I lay my head on my pillow this night
I searched for you who's nowhere in sight
I realised it was only the dream I made
For when woke up it was in tears I bathe

Again my sleep quitted and I sat up
In this quietness I mumbled a small hope
The silent prayer for you I prayed
Weeping myself on the pillow again I laid

This time I swallowed a sleeping pill - Coz
Two hours continuously I couldn't lie still
My mind is stuffy with thoughts on thoughts
Things about you and all other rots

Finally the pill inside bagan to work
Slowly my eyes drooped vanishing all thoughts
All that I imagined running through my head
I saw those in dreams with you instead

Friday, 27 May 2011

ShaMefUl BirTh..

For every person on this earth
Their favourite day is their births
But I din't find any reason to rejoice
For my birth is not my choice

Each one has a goal to achieve
This is the gift one day they'll receive
All I can is only dream
Reality does nothing but deceive

Life rewards everyone progressively
But it took the reverse gear for me only
How I was and how I am now
It punished me in every phase cruelly

Beautiful days can easily be counted
Ugly moments are plenty & dumbfounded
Overjoyed I found myself at times
Miserable I found myself all times

Sunday, 22 May 2011

H0w HaRd I've TriEd..

Every second I tried to hide
Covering my face, buried in lies
But however hard I tried
I need someone to confide

Can't controle this monster
That lives constantly inside me
This monster called fear
I wanna lock it throw away the key

Desolate in the spotlight
Can't see becoz it's too bright
It burns through out the night
And blindfolded me by this fright

Impossible for me to hide
Not easy to burst from these lies
Though in vain I have tried
To avoid this cruel painful light

Monday, 16 May 2011

The PoEt'S HeArt..

Silence is the speech she made
When her love has no single clue
No words to caress her lover's heart
They were lost with the golden hue

Alone within this poet's world
Gone are the dreams she swore they'd live
Her love tales are often unrelated
No words to utter...None left to give

The music stopped in her soul
Only silence surrounds her heart
When solitude swallows this world
The love within her began to depart

She lost the beauty once she could see
She lost the glory she saw each day
The poet in her pens her last farewell
No more love can she convey

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My W0rlD 0f PaiN..

The pains that I find hard to control
Going through them only makes me whole
The pains that give birth to my tears
In crying they erase all my fears

These pains are sharper than the knife
They love to accompany me through the life
Only pains brought me down to my knees
They cruelly appear again at my pleas

To others these pains are wrong and bitter
Sensing them I became more fitter
In pain I weep at every song
The more I experience I only became strong

The pains which are not just pains for me
What I see not everyone can see
Day by day they make me addicted to - If
everyone stops inflicting it, never will you

Sunday, 8 May 2011

InSaNe IdEnTiTy...

I exist without an identity
Blurring sceneries are all i can see
Only numbness I feel in my pain
Why does happiness I hope again & again ?

I can seek the heaven alone - To
tell me where has my sanity gone
Madness is slowly creeping inside
I laugh loudly but the pain I cant hide

Feel so hollow, empty and void
The sound of weeps is my only noise
When did I smile the real smile actually
But I do try to smile really

Can't figure out what's wrong or what's right
Slowly & slowly I lost my insight
But I have no reason wanting to die
I have to live in this world of lie

Thursday, 5 May 2011

JusT wAnnA be With U....

The rain splashing to the ground
Forming a pool of water so round
I watch these little raindrops
That beat on my face without a sound

I wish you were here next to me
Enjoying getting wet happily
As we are soaked in those nights
Making plans of our future prettily

I wonder the same every night
Why do you keep wandering in my mind
Everytime I push you from my thoughts
Your loving face came lurching from behind

Constant smile appear on my lips
I can't deny what I feel
Like getting drowned from a broken ship
Thousand of reasons but none is real

Should I go on forever like this?
And pretend that everything is fine
When I just want you beside me
Until the sun in the east shines

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

FirE in My hEarT...

This long & everlasting pain
Never submissive to my tears
How can it quench my thirst - So
The unfulfilled desires I should bear

Smashing the unrealised dreams
Renewing my sorrows day by day
My wounds can never be healed
They remain as fresh as always

The life that moves ahead of me
Carefree to many stories untold
Many hopes are built on hopes
Many questions are left unfold

My replies seem very vague
No matter how clear I explain
The fire in my heart still burns
Though I put off, it appeared again

Monday, 2 May 2011

ShAttEreD ...

The darkness that revolves around me
Swallows my desperate hope slowly
Leaving me in a deserted state
Shattering all my dreams brutally

This heart, the creator of my pains
Did not pay heed to my cries
It rejoices at every tear I shed
Even if my prayers reached high

I no more have any fake smile
I don't know if I'm ever fine
I breathe in the poisonous oxygen
To let me live but my life can never shine

Devotedly I guard my grief
As I survive upon my sorrow
I weep cleaning all my sins - so that
Almighty will spare me tomorrow

Saturday, 30 April 2011

An0thEr DaY...

Suddenly I woke up from my bed
I saw the night is blazed ahead
Holding on to the words tight in my head
But my mind is still confused instead

Looking through the mirror of my soul
Uncertain of my future, the truth untold
My eyes are fogged up by my tears
Shedding nonstop that i cannot hold

Dreams & fantasies thread in my thoughts
Disappeared into the thin air like a dot
But I curiously follow the tracks
Creeping fear my journey has got

My hands are sweaty trempling constantly
Grasping the nothing in the air savagely
Breathing the heavy oxygen that comes my way
In order to live through another day

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

PatH 0f s0rr0w...

A mistake was all I ever was to you
A cold life with me you had passed through
The appreciations you gave was all fake
Neither were you pleased with the deeds I made

You turned blind to all my needs
You turned deaf to all my pleads
I underwent this harsh pain throughout
I can't even open my mouth and shout

The beauty inside me you never saw
My presence in you was the only flaw
Promises are fake is what I learned
Inspite of this, it's the star I yearned

How much torments my soul can take
The ideal love, I'm ready to forsake  
I have travelled in this path of sorrow
Will endure this hell if death comes tomorrow