Thursday, 30 April 2009

G0 awAy SleePleSs nigHts..

Oh my sleepless nights
Cruel demons everyday i fight
No weapons i could shield
My lonely bed is my battle field

Protecting myself by my cover
Drifting in sleep with my lover
Pillow drenched with my tears
Yet i'm envelopped by my fears

Around is the night so calm
Wanting to seclude in your arms
So tiring i can't sleep
All i do is only weep

Waiting tomorrow the sun to shine
To stop the battle in this heart of mine
Wanting to escape from this sleepless night
In order to avoid all my hopeless fights.

Monday, 27 April 2009

Unkn0wn pAin..

I just want you to listen
To the soft whispering murmur
Of the music in this night
Where you carry my love further

May be you haven't tasted this pain
Or your's was washed like rain
The pleasure in it is sweet
The expect to end it in vain

The pain of wanting to be needed
But the pain in giving remains
That's why the hurt is still the same
At the end of the day there's no gain

You refuse to hear me
You don't let me see how you were
Deep in my soul the truth lies
To have you but you are not there

My heart stays open wide
Waiting for you to step in there
Hug me and hold me tight
Even though if you don't ever care.

Why I shEd my TeaRs??

All my hidden tears
All my feelings inside
All my pains that passed by
All i want is die

Broken down each day
None has nothing to say
All my dreams washed away
I hope there will be a way

My unseen artificial smiles
There is no decision behind
Thorny path i walk on
My life has no rewind

Blinded by things i do
Disturbed mind & vexed thoughts
Noone beside to confide
My problems always in clot

Trying to approach very near
That's the reason i'm here
But still battling with my fears
Not knowing why i shed my tears

Thursday, 23 April 2009

D0n't l0ve me f0r piTy..

You are my lover and friend
That I have all in one
Anyone lucky like me?
All i can say is none

You never hide me anything
Including the girls you meet
You shudder my tiny heart
And you make me incomplete

I start my journey with you
Where no destination i reach
I let time give me an answer
And listen to your every preach

Luck is what i only wish
And living by your side
Even if you love me with pity
I don't have the right to whine

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Am I ur pReseNt??

Look straight into my eyes
Does your heart feel content
Tell me with deep sincerity
That i am your life’s present

Right is not I always feel
But my heart utters the real
That you fake to me outwardly
Inwardly you try to reveal

Only I know the distressed you
No matter what the world see
You have decided life is to move on
All your sorrows you let them free

Remember I am not like others
I see what your heart shows
For you are my ultimate soul
Forever, your path I will follow

Is thEre an End t0 my pAin?

My heart does not stop bleeding
Whenever your face comes in front
Veins knotted my fist tightened
The pain you give can never end

Anger overshadows my soul
Helas! I still cry your name
Temper rises in my mind
Why are you doing the same?

Will I ever get out of this?
Your hurt is only worsened
Tongue-tied I cannot blame you
Waiting for my heart to mend

You failed to look into my eyes
All you did is break the ties
I struggle to put the pieces together
For I am used to your stupid lies

Monday, 13 April 2009

My wAlls kn0w..

Living as a corpse

I don't know how to think
Overshadowed by my anger
Uncontrolled by little things

Loneliness speaks louder
When solitude envelopes me
No one to share my pain 
Only my walls echo again 

Dampen the spirit by tears
Reaching out for rescue
Only you can lift me up
My walls only knew

Yet i feel being watched
At times when i am low
I'm never left on my own
His love is well shown

Thursday, 9 April 2009

If mY l0ve..

If my love is expressed
It would be a poem in melody
Each phrase depicts my heart
Each word rhymes in melancholy

If my love is written
It would be unerased within
Nobody would smudge it's form
It will not fade in storm

If my love is shown
That this bond is known
It has imprinted in me
As deep as the sea

If my love is displayed
It is most beautifully laid
It is the magnificient art
Even if it is torn apart 

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

U are mY stRengTh..

Day and night i pray
For you to find a way
You should know to fight
Noone next to you will stay

With the best i can
To pull you out from agony
Have i failed in my effort?
To bring a smile in thee

Don't answer to all
Think you are not alone
For i'll be your strength
I'll make you raise tall

Forget all the tears you shed
It aches my heart too
Remember i live for you
Be happy even in your blues

Sunday, 5 April 2009

My drEam is U..

Inhale your deep breathe
Wish the cold wind to carry you
You should stop fearing things
You should be ready to go thru

Let your dreams carry you
Never open your eyes to stop
Dont hesitate to launch yourself
For he is your only hope

One day it will be realized
When everything seems so right
Deep down there in your heart
He will be at every sight

When heaven comes down to earth
She will reach out to hold him
Then will wake up from her dream
And give a long sigh from within