Tuesday, 28 October 2008

When Will U unDersTand??

Dint I give u enough time?
To know me from inside out
Guarding my belief so blind
A mistake that I always doubt!

No matter how hard I tried
Exploring the places u’ve been
Every nook and corner I cannot find
Empty space is what I’ve seen

Stressing the people around me
Screaming & shouting in the air
Wanting to hide the bitter truth
Confessing my love in despair

Without you I detest myself
Wondering the mess I am in
Each time I offer myself
Hopeless faith, is what I see within

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Will U fEel my Pain?

Listening to the empty night
That deafens from within
Longing for your rescue
From this fear that I knew

My never lasting joy
By you it gets destroyed
Lasting for a brief time
Whenever u become mine

Once again in my gloomy night
Where you shine like a star
Craving for your true love
Even tho’ I know you’re far

But embracing my painful heart
Shrinking slowly, by my tears
Hoping one day you’ll cry for me
Weighing the sorrows burdened for thee

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

My nIght 0f DesiRe..

As u brush the hair from my face
Sweeping the desire within me
Yearning of your touch in a slow pace
Feeling the love I have for thee

The moments of our togetherness
Haunting deep down my mind
As you plant your kiss on my lips
I wish I could turn my life in rewind

I could feel the pleasure of you
Whenever you accompany me
Now feeling so lost without you
As you fly into oblivion like a bee

Awakened sweating in this horror
Weakened more by this emotion
Lonely darkness surrounding me
Left me panting in this dejection

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

L0ving U bliNdly..

Painful anger pricks my mind
Plunging me in these sorrows
Walking away leaving me behind
Like there will be no tomorrow

Wild tension and Depression
Leads me to this frustration
Frying myself in this sensation
Tearing me apart by this aggression

Dying for a calm peaceful sleep
Without a thought running deep
Lonely heart drenched in regrets
Let me rest, this is what I beg

Twisting and turning in my dream
Extracting my memories unwillingly
Resisting the disturbance bestowed
Repeating this nightmare brutally

Shutting my eyes escaping all
Fearing that you’d let me fall
Loving you blindly, losing my mind
My world’s spinning, I’m turning blind

Sunday, 19 October 2008

TruSt U m0re thAn mySelf..

When hurts reside in me
I have no way to escape
Trying to hide from this world
My heart bleeding, losing its shape

Trust you more than myself
Is what embedded in me
Even if killed by you one day
Never will it change, if left free

Slitting my heart to prove
The love preserved for you
Me and my God knows
No matter how far you go

Detesting me and my ownself
But never gave up my trust
Building my hope that one day
Believed by you, it’s a must!

If ....

Dunno how i lived widout you 
Thinking I lived my life as whole
Not knowing you exist in me
Until you ripped my soul

If I had not felt the sparks
Sparks discharged by you
Burning me every second
Made me a living dead too

If this star did not strike me
Peacefully I would be in sleep
Unaware that you exist
Memories wouldn’t run so deep

But these are the ‘if’s
That I do not wish for
Loving you is what I want
Willing to suffer all life long

Friday, 17 October 2008

Even thEn I keeP l0ving U..

Never stopped thinking of you
Neither did i want to try
For loving you is heavenly bliss
Whether in pain or joy I cry

Never want to let you go
Baby, b’coz I am your shore
Why ever do you turn blind 
By blaming everything on time 

Realising what have I turned to
Death has always been in my mind
For your thoughts keep killing me
Hiding myself, no one can find

Whining within the enclosed walls
As though there is no escape
Not revealing the feelings for you
Faking my smiles when seeing your face!

Thursday, 16 October 2008

My hEart is PaiNing..

Heart feels heavy when u avoid me
All I do is fighting for thee
Loving you is never my choice
Soul crying out your name by my voice
I feel happy when think of you
Expecting my desire to come true
But cruel fate is stopping us
Squeezing my heart by its crush

The constant ill-fate owns by me
Causing nothing but aches & pain
Loving you is out of my hand
Losing the ground where I stand

This has been a non-stop game
Piercing my heart when call your name
Hoping it will come to a halt
When there’s nothing for you to blame

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Every sMile is n0t a Smile..

If i had to smile to make you smile
Would cross this earth a thousand miles
Pretending the bitter tears I shed
Only known by Holy God of mine

Flooding in the pool of tears
Bearing in mind my destiny
Blurring my vision each night
Drenched in pain away to glory

A life born with unworthiness
Killing me and torturing me
Yet endured by this poor creature
This is how, life is meant to be.
My love is deep, my heart is pure
But ill-fate hugs me wherever I go
Living for others, dying inside
Loving you is what I could do more

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Are U therE till I diE ??

What is your name? 
Why are you close to me?
Why don’t you leave me? 
What is your reason to be?

Why are you there when I cry?
Why are you there by my side?
Are you real or just a game?
Is “Loneliness” they call your name?

Your company brings me smile
Your company brings me tears
Your company gives me joy
Your company gives me fear

Has God sent you to care for me?
Has God sent you to share with me?
How can I live in the painless land?
When you walk with me hand in hand

Saturday, 11 October 2008

My lAst wIsh..

Never will I break your heart
Never will I tear you apart
But will follow you everywhere
Destined to me from the start

Awake in the frightful night
Drenched cold in this lonely world
Sudden thought had struck me
That I am not crying alone

Am I too naïve to understand
The love that you reserve for me
If not, would I take the blame
In order to make you happy

Missing your hug around me
My tears wetting your chest
If death is granted now to me
That would be my very best

AnyThing f0r U..

I see the world thru ‘ your eyes
The beautiful world around me
The wonderful sunset & sunrise
More wonderful when it is thru’ thee

If I am a nerve in your brain
I would know all your wishes too
Would ask to God in my prayers
To make those wishes come true

If I am a slumber in your night
Would dream the dreams you do
Would fight the hell and heaven
To make your dreams come true

If I am the oxygen you breathe
Will know what makes you happy
In order to bring a smile on your lips
Willing to cross the valleys and seas

Friday, 10 October 2008

Im in l0ve..als0 !!

I can feel your thoughts
Which cries out to me
Deep down in my heart
Your love meant to be

The desires & passions we share
Has taken me far to you
The non-stop tears we bear
Had paved my way thru’

Wonderful intimacy we possess
Knows no limit like the sky
Isn’t it a beautiful thing?
Accompanying us side by side

Grateful for the ecstatic moments
Given by you so very dear
Dawn of this incredible love
Appeared to me so crystal clear!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

My Angel, c0me t0 me..

My angel, don’t ever leave me
I’m confused, alone & carefree
Cruel darkness surrounding me
With blindness capture me totally

Hot fire has already died down
By the blow of gentle breeze’s howl
Left me wandering in loneliness
With painful sorrows, on my own

Sadness gripped my bleeding heart
Echoing your name in my ears
Melody of my love is fading
Grieves & tears is all I bear

Maddening silence captured me
Needing your warm embrace
Emptiness within, causing despair
Please make me whole again by your grace

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

N0 One will replAce U..

Walking by the edge of life
Not knowing which side to fall
Hoping u would catch me on time
As I jump against the wall

Unaware of what awaits me
Closing my eyes as I drift
Fully relying on you, baby
Holding me is what u did

Constant confusion dwells in me
Do I deserve to be saved?
Willing to die a new death
For you, twisting in my grave

My ‘ideal’ love born from you
Helas! Did not allow me to die
Wanting to live for eternity
With you, darling, by my side

Am I a l0ser?

I have always felt on an alien street
Loneliness dragged me by its feet
With no one to save me in pity
I went mercilessly into this city
I tried with my existing effort 
Failure seems to blindfold me
The harder I struggled for it
The deeper I felt into the pit

Hopes seem to blur its way 
As days passed on into each day
Boldly I want to let go the strain
‘Nothing’ is the only result I gain

Loudly I want to scream 
Thinking I have won your love

Remembering I live in devil’s den 
Who snatched away my only heaven
The hurts I possess never ending
Where emotions & feelings exist
Wound on wound affects me more
Plunging my life into painful horror!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Will NevEr saCrifiCe U..

I’m destined to fight the sorrows
To love you peacefully tomorrow
Doubling my pains with yours
Silently weeping in the shore

Bearing heavily all the faults
The faults committed by you
To see the joy appearing on your face
Sleeping on knife I’m ready to do
Seeing you in my eyes & mind
Trying to believe your every smile
Sacrificing you I can never do
Deep sufferance is I always knew

Everyday dying in reality & dream
But can never see you go away
For you, my ultimate soulmate
Loving you is what I do all day

Quit pLayinG gaMes wIth my heArt..

My heart worships you deeply
While my eyes says you betray me
My lonely soul cries out to you
What I see can never be

Killing me you never stop
Whipping me with the tear drop
Corrupting my feelings is your game
Becoz all you want is the fame

This though I know from the start
Yet I refused to listen my heart
Since you pierced with cupid’s arrow
Where my mind leads, I follow!

I wish to reverse my time
To get stronger when I meet you
To roll days I spent behind
And dodge away the arrows u threw

Monday, 6 October 2008

L0nely mE..

The day my eyes set on you
Pulled you into my world
The one I felt so true
Soulmate who made me swirl

Different lies told by you
Sound like truth within my heart
Yet my presence always there
When loneliness tore you apart

Need you I always do
But you are not to be seen
Loving you whole life thru’
Alone I have always been!

Only hurts remain in me
Each time I look at you
How my love is meant to be
Understand you will never do

PleAse maKe me hAppy Again..

Each day spent with you
Plunged me into happiness
But when reality struck me
Push me into deep sadness

Having a contagious smile
Addicting me to the core
Puts me on seventh heaven
None can do this anymore

Feeling low never will I
When you exist around
Flying on the cloud nine
Like a merry-go-round

Words uttered by you
Are sweetest ever heard!
Heavenly is your voice
Lingering my ears for 7 births.