Saturday, 31 January 2009

BluRring hEr liFe..

Sitting alone and thinking
What a girl she could be
The inner version of her
That nobody can see

So unperfect is her life
Everything appeared like a dream
She imagines it to happen
Like how she wished it seems

The hurt never left her
The pain dulled her smile
Always in love with love
But her love took her for a trial

Why does she cry for her love
Although he loves her so
But refused to tell her why
Since he can’t let her go

I am Ur GuArdian AngEl..

I am your angel and will shine bright
I am your guide who leads you in dreams
You’ll never feel lonely when I am around
For I accompany you like overflowing stream

I am never away from you tho’ far apart
Always in your memories, I live in you
I believe in you and am proud of you
Do smile for me even you are in blues

I am your angel, always protecting you
Even when I am gone, you are never lonely
I trust you more than I trust myself
Because our bond is divine and holy

I am up there if you look up the sky
Collecting the clouds to make me fly
I am your angel but I need you always
To hold me tight and make my love stay

Thel0ve inSide my hEart..

Though seven seas seperate us,
And distance keeps us apart
Will there be a change?
The love inside my heart

I survive every second for you
Every minute of the day.
And you’re always with me
In at least a thousand ways

Whether it be a thought
Or a moment that we’ve shared
No matter what happens
I'm always over there

When i close down my eyes
You here at my side
One thing you should know
My love exists to abide.

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Will He fEel thE saMe?

Once upon a time long ago
This girl fell secretly in love
Dreaming all her whims & fancies
Worshipping this angel sent from above

Everything goes by unaware
Even he did not understand
That she literally worships him
Hope one day he’d ask her hand

All confused every second
Except when spending with him
The moments of her ecstasy
With happy tears all become dim

Her only desire in life
Is to reveal her aim
And her waiting forever
He should feel the same

He h0lds Her..

Clinging to him like a child
Tightly fearing she will fall
Scared to ever lose him
Her heart flies at every call

Though someone claims her
This he always knew
But what he meant to her
He does not know that it is true

Finding tough to open up
His feelings he cannot show
Leaving her in mere darkness
Don’t know where to place her fingers so

Near in hearts tho’ miles apart
Hand in hand in wild imaginations
Protecting her from all her pains
Saying his love is never a game

U R thE reAs0n..

When do i feel right?
When you kissed me tight
When do I sleep blissful at night?
When your love take away my fright

Why do I realize I’m feeling down?
When you play with my heart around!
What use could it bring to you?
When it is already broken with no sound

I turn helpless when think of this!
There’s nothing I can do
Wanting to make the wrong seems right
But nothing seems to pass through

I seem to be missing you 
Coz the love inside me grows
But just to see your happy face
I’m ready now to let you go

G0lden m0ments..

Confided you my heart
The empty destination
It has never been used
Since its lonely hibernation

Wherever I am in this universe
My love will remain the same
No storm can fade it out
No one can remove its name

Met you under the moonlight
Known you under this twilight
Love you by my own right
Worship you by my insight

The golden memories we hold
Where unknown future was told
Forever & ever my love unfold
Thousand tales passed by untold

Monday, 26 January 2009

UnblEssed bY n0b0dy..

Sitting under the moonlight 
Unafraid of the shadow
Befriending the unknown devils
Waiting for the ground to swallow

Cruelly I have been cursed
Unblessed by a nobody
Fumbling the way of death
To put my pain to melancholy

My last breathe choking me
Rosy cheeks turn to blue
Staining my face with nonstop tears
Lids slowly close as you walk thru’

Will my prayers be answered?
My body becomes numb as I lay
Limbs reach out for your mercy
Before I reach my final grave

HigH h0peS..

My life has no sunshine
Once you walk away
No joy but counterfeited glee
All my efforts have gone astray

One should ever blame me
For having looked upon the star
Only when it strikes down to kill
Now I realized I’m too far

One thing I can vow you along
What I constructed is never wrong
No matter how you try to destroy
It can only become strong & strong

Leaving me dying in the air
Never will justify my love
For it has its own value
Closing your eyes you’ll find it there

My heArt Is n0t a T0y..

The voice in my heart says
My love is unreciprocated
The silent form of my soul displays
My love is never understood

If my life has a reverse button
I would press it a thousand times
Helas! Life has no such thing
To not claim you as mine!

I wonder if I was a toy
Entertaining you non-stop
But this toy has a heart
That you keep tearing apart

Helpless I’m this side
Except keep on loving you
Almighty is my only savior
For He knows my love is true!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

My SacRiFice..

At every sunset my tears flow
Bearing in mind the days that go
Without you to sing lullaby
Not worth to watch the sunrise

No glory from paradise’s light
Will ever open my eyes
My feelings sleep in yellow horizons
My memories know no darkness in the nights

Never let down my desires
Never will they doom my day
Your only thoughts accompanies
Looking forward to you what may!

Yet my spirit forever raises high
As the rays of hope deepen my sighs
Waiting for the call of heaven
Where for you my life would end

My PrInce..WheRe aRe U??

Lost, confused, lonely and cold
Don’t know why you left me alone
Deserted me leaving no clue
Left me crying to myself in the blues

The gloomy, chilly darkness around
My mind wanders like a merry-go-round
The echo in my heart screaming louder
This pain is never ending I gather

Suffocating silence is choking me
From this maddening crowd, I want to flee
Hearing your voice in a feeble tone
This keeps me surviving alone

Where are your arms that protect me 
Please hold me tight, don’t let me fall
Fill me again, with joy in this world
Never call it quits, take me as whole!!

Kill Me..

Can’t you see my heart bleeds?
By the crush of your words
As many times you repeat
Because You feel I’m not worth

The soft and innocent heart of mine
Is now frozen like cold ice
The fear you see inside
Is same as yours when you realized

Do kill me by your hands
Alive, I don’t seem to succeed
The destinations that I reached
Is not right coz I bleed!!

Now it’s all up to you to decide
Which direction should I hide?
The twinkling stars above will guide
And bring me straight to your side!

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Br0keN WinGs..

Becareful, I’m still broken !
Also in hurt, where there’s no end.
Victim of many lies on me bestowed
Nightmarish demons to me they bowed

Why this happens, I sincerely wonder
Not a single question, I stopped to ponder
But bottom of my heart has the answer
I tried to reach, but it always wanders

To be strong, is what I want
To roll back the time, is what I wish
There’s no value in what I do
The only result, is this great mess

Seeking help from others, is not worthy
Everything is fake, many things are filthy
Continue to battle alone in my darkness
Against the demons, who gripped my chest

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Can't U see I'm t0rn??

Confusion filled my life
In my smiles & tears
I do not want to pretend
That I’m not in fear

Laughter frozen up
Spirits lower down
Goals unachieved
Leaving only frown

Joy exists no longer
Happiness stay no longer
Cheerful thoughts disappear
Leaving fake laughter

I live yet I die
This is true, not a lie
People hurt, I’m thrown
Can’t they see I’m torn?

Sunday, 18 January 2009

S'day U'll Say "I l0ve U"..

‘Don’t cry my girl’, that’s all you say
Just don’t be afraid
I’m here, with you, now and forever
And we’ll go through this together

It makes me smile, but I’m crying inside
This is because I’m just too shy
‘together’ means something different to me
Something I’m sure about, we will never be

When you hug me, I feel safe
When I’m with you, everything feels great
When you smile, you make me smile too
Because I just love being around you

Being friends just isn’t enough
Even though you help me when things get tough
Just not that innocent as our friendship seems
You don’t know anything about my lovely dreams

And this is something I’ll never tell
Because I’m just scared as hell
You’ll never know how much you mean to me
But someday I’ll say I love you... well... maybe

Is it My fAulT??

Can’t find you when i need you
Suddenly vanished into the thin air?
No trace of you but your thoughts
Waiting by me here and there

Where are moments of our laughs?
You took away along with you?
Leaving nothing but painful grieves
To me especially who loves you true

Victim of this handicapped situation
Caused by you by this emptiness
Is this temporary or permanent?
Unanswered questions create this mess

Loving you, the only thing I do
May be I’m not perfect for you
Is this real or my imagination?
This is the state you’ve put me through!