Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I'm ExhaUsteD..

My constant wish is to hold you
A simple desire that makes me blue
My love I have is out of the world
It takes a lifetime to stop this swirl

Even if I die, my life will go on
Gripping on my feelings that move along
Finding myself in pathetic pain
Because my love for you increased again

Holding you tight deep down my bossom
Fearing I might loosen my grip
Do not know why I do this
I only know, you! I shouldn't miss

My strange feelings dominate me
I depend on them not breaking free
They enchant me, when on my own
By the thoughts of you, I'm not alone

Is this what one calls real love?
I tried to forget the message sent from above
But why is that I want only you?
Forget him girl! that's something I can't do

Thursday, 3 December 2009

I'm a CastAway..

Behind these glowing eyes
Hidden from everyone, all my lies
Many events that blocked my tears
The moments that I wasted my years

Life filled with unlimited pains
Soaking wet my deformed soul
Flaming my road to destination
Burning my skin without being shown

Slowly falling apart to pieces
Melting my heart to my feet
Alone in the dark street of fear
Heads turned away afraid to come near

But yet the last thing I'd see
Is the tears that flow from thee
That is the slow poison injected in me
I'd rather die if that makes you free

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

FallEn AngEl..

I was just another fallen angel
Wings drooped upon the floor
There's no beauty to them
They're worth nothing anymore 

Places where the utmost beauty were
Now the holes of pain reside
There's no feelings left anymore
Nothing more to hide

How much longer until this stops
The pain, the hurt subsides
When can this stop feeling wrong
When can I stop dying inside

I have to pick myself up
To make this all go away
Patch up the holes in my wings
And learn how to fly again

I may not have the perfect wings
I've always wished for and adored
But I'll have to work with what I got
And show them, my life means more

I won't let myself fall anymore
Won't let them see me cry
I'll prove them wrong, I'll get back up
And teach these broken wings to fly.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

My tEars hAve S0ul..

Each drop of my tears
Would utter when it falls
Wishing the effort it has
To make our bond strong

It will regret every second
The escape from my eyes
For it has broken my heart
Like a hammer breaks the ice

But my tear has a soul
Where it never harms at all
When it hurts itself
I die in pain coz I'm its own

Why my tears pain in guilt?
Seeing the silence that you built
Is my excess love held responsibility?
On behalf of my tears do forgive me.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A f00l liKe mE..

Although I knew it hurts me bad
The worst part is when thought I had
The unseen feelings which did nothing
Yet I cherished it when I am waiting

People advise that life should go on
I should salute when they are so strong
People chucks when things are gone
But like a fool I think they are wrong

Heaven on earth I never saw
Even on pretty sunset that a kid draws
I will beleive if one thing exists
Is when you are beside, as I look in awe

But all I can, is stare and wonder
The day I felt in love is my blunder
Hiding within me the way I feel
Putting a mask as if no big deal

A l0nelY giRl I am..

In a silent boulevard of broken dreams 
I searched in vain for an identity 
The stars above dimming my gaze 
But the moon is guiding me with glee 

Joy on earth I found nowhere 
Neither life took me anywhere 
Happiness turns a grim face to me 
Living in this world is hard to see 

Finding among this madding crowd 
Although can't find a friend for me 
But I can only see the never ending path 
Like an autumn with a single tree 

Don't know where is my destination 
Or something I have left behind 
For my path is as gloomy as the mist 
May be it's 'my identity' I can't find

Sunday, 8 November 2009

My str0ngesT drUg..

Loving you is my happy drug
Makes me swirl as you hold tight
Keeps me smile as I consume more
Like flying high in the night

Nothing is imperfect for me
All things that love unfolds
Is what I see my own reflection?
That seems perfect to my own

The love drug you made me long
Fainting since I want to hold
The drug in it you possess
At the end I have to controle

Can't you realise I'm addicted?
As the poison has gone to mind
I'm in search of the next dose
Since this love drug is mine

Friday, 6 November 2009

A raRe linK of l0ve..

'Falling' in love is never I do
'Rising' in love because it's true
There are thorns and spines on my path
But somehow I found my way through

The courage I felt in me
Is the fears I want to set free
But my heart is still floating
By my tears that you cannot see

God strengthened the hope I have
By this love and trust you gave
Though miles n miles seperate us
This thread of love keeps me brave

The melody of love that induced within
Is the harmony I am living
The devine link of love we share
Every single soul will find it rare

Sunday, 1 November 2009

My FantAsy..

Twisting on my large bed
Indulged in the thoughts of you
Wishing you in my blanket
Covering you with love that grew

Your melodious voice haunting
Echoing my name each time
Your gaze that scans my being
Burns me in this passionate flame

Wanting to feel your breathe
On the closed eye-lids of mine
Dying for your tender touch
That ignites the fire so fine

If I could taste your pinky lips
And savor the sweetness inside
Caressing you under my blanket
As if you are right beside

Friday, 30 October 2009

SpecIal W0rlD..

A special world for you and me
Nobody knows and no-one can see
Warming its emotions in the cocoon
Makes us crazy like the two fools

The space enlarges as we love more
Holding us tight by the sea-shore
Floating on air immersed in desire
Hugging in ecstasy though lay on fire

Not weeks or months but days and nights
This world illuminates like the moonlight
Prominent to us and only to us
And takes away our every fright

Keep us hanging by a thread of love
A thread so fine but sent from above
Entwining us to make us strong
In a special world where we belong

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

WhY mE??

Living a life with so much pain
Facing my fate with no shame
Crying lonely tears whenever I pray
Seeking refuge by howling in vain

People move on leaving you behind
Once again solitude grips you so fine
Each time you want to mingle in crowd
Empty space you find beside you proud

The clock won’t show the reverse action
It moves forward fraction by fraction
As it moves, it pulls you with it
Before you think, you taste defeat

O leave me please! my distress is high
Immersed in tears watching the sky
Searching the answer to ask God why!
This life is not to live but only to die

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

PaiNs 0f l0ve..

Never felt this kind of pain
In the marrow of my bones
Flying like a lonely dove
Into the night starry but alone

Tasting the fruit of a broken heart
Depriving me from every joy
No words could ever express
The constant distress I employed

Makes me fail from all the hopes
Of visualising life ahead of you
There is no meaning to my emotions
Reached the bottom of my blue

Beginning to weaken my faith
Although pleading the God above
But there's still one hope
He'll make me live by love

Monday, 19 October 2009

My 0nlY Reas0n..

Imperfect as I am
Wish to undo many things
Always a student in life
Never I've stopped learning

Unintentionally things I do
That hurt ands always wound you
I regret my childish deeds
That often push you in blue

Will I start growing?
And transform the person in me?
The only reason I found
Is you, who would change me slowly

I may not be perfect
But will try to ease your pain
Will hold your every tear
And make you proud again

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Is mY l0ve dYing?

Only my pillow knows
My salty tears that flow
Soaking the pages of my diary
And the fear in my heart grows

The terrifying horror around
With my soul made of gold
Laid on my marble skin
My story remains unfold

Sad stars mourning my grief
Through out the milky way
Carrying my memories
Which in my heart still stay

Echoing voice of my cries
Haunting my trembling being
Fluttering the pages in my diary
Reminding my love is dying

Thursday, 15 October 2009

My 2nd InninG..

Seems like yesterday
Each time I close my eyes
your laughter ringing my ears
Your sweet words pricks me like ice

This is felt by me only
The romantic anger in thee
The songs sung to court me
Those magic moments exceptionally

Second inning of my life
Started with your entrance
Din't know i deserve You
But i know my love is true

No loneliness was felt in crowd
Though all eyes were only on us
Jealousy exists every where
But your arms assured me much

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

I'm dYinG..

For all the love I gave
You returned my broken heart
For all the trust I show
You stamped me like a doormat

The emotions and feelings I displayed
You misused them to the core
The life I re-constructed for you
You want to see me dead even more

I want to tear my heart into pieces
So that it erases the love I have
I want to lose my memories in this skull
So that I'll admit that you don't care

I am scared to close my eyes
Because you haunt me in my sleep
How do I stop this misery
This unknown mystery I keep

Monday, 12 October 2009

Br0keN heArt t0 meNd..

Along the stream under the cruel falls
Amist the thick forest my broken heart calls
Entangled in thorns bruised and worse
Yet my bitter past I never want to lose

Each time I begin to relate my story
The story full of cracks n crushes along
With flame in my gaze n Ice in my veins
Yet my heart beats warm for the life it gains

Frowning in tears I only weep to God
Noone will see this beautiful face so odd
I thought I'm real but this world made me fake
Is there a way I would live for my sake?

Wanting to escape from this dark place
Even my memories should not leave a trace
Who will admire me like a piece of art
And do the best to mend my broken heart

Friday, 2 October 2009

TheRe's 0nly 0ne liFe..

There's no more my heart can take
Always a second chance I want to make
Now it has become three, if it turns four
I will go away for I cant bear more

I can't rule your life for you
The choice is yours with what you do
Inside I have but nothing left
In times of love it feels like death

I'm only human, wanting more joy
Don't treat me like I'm just a toy
I hope from now you'll think of me
Through this distance, in love's loyalty

We have one life to walk in hand
At times it's hard, at times it's grand
None is perfect from mistakes we grow
Through thick n thin, through rain and snow

The future comes, but past forgot
Dishonesty n betrayal will only rot
This is the fact I want you to see
How much in life, you mean to me!

Thursday, 1 October 2009

NeVer Will I f0rgEt..

Last year when we had met
That's the day I never forget
The nights that we have shared
Made me learn you were rare

Very hard to beleive I met you
But it's the fact and it's true
It was love from my very end
Along with love came our passions

Helas! things took it's bend
Day by day my love was abandoned
I only survive to make you happy
But why do you make me feel crappy?

Wishing this link should go on
Although my trust for you has gone
Will I ever get over what you do?
Desperately wanting to make you true

Wretchedly I was dying that night
Yet i forgave you at your plight
Struggling with trying to forget
Because I love u the same as we met