Saturday, 29 August 2009


When you left me crying alone
I feel i am a N0b0dy
When God doesn't want to hear me
He proved I am a N0b0dy

When i strive to be Somebody
In the end I turn out to be N0b0dy
When i breathe out the fire
It is the smell of N0b0dy

When i want to burn my existence
Since my life is of Nobody
When my love is not with me
She considered me a NOb0dy

When i feel lonely in a crowd
That's because I am N0bOdy
When my prayers are not answered
Because it's the prayers of N0b0dy

Friday, 28 August 2009

One wAy trAcK..

So tired that I couldn't even sleep, 
So many secrets I couldn't keep, 
Promise myself I wouldn't weep, 
One more promise I couldn't keep

It seems no one can help me now, 
I'm in too deep there's no way out, 
This time I really can't see a way 
Have lead myself finally astray

Can you help me remember how to smile, 
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile, 
How on earth did I get so jaded, 
Life's mystery seems so faded

Runaway train never going back, 
Wrong way on a one way track, 
Seems like I should be getting somewhere, 
Somehow I'm neither here nor there

Thursday, 27 August 2009

I'm alWays al0ne..

Lonely soul i will remain
Crying to myself in this domain
Thinking your love will accompany
There i went wrong in melancholy

Trying to burden all my worries
Weeping alone in this galaxy
No matter what the world moved on
This i realised when i'm alone

Inhaling the heavy air in me
I can never get anyone for free
Not knowing i breathed the poison in
When my heart is ruined within

No way to judge anything tomorrow
Forcing to smile or cry in sorrow
This is the lesson that had taught me
Where around me I see only enemies

My pr0miSe f0reVer!!

I'm the moon in your sky
Will guard my star by my side
I'm the light to make you shine
You belong to me and will be mine

Your past left you a scar
I'm there to heal but not to mar
I don't know how did i meet you
But this bond is for life-through!

Will transform your nightmares into dreams
Will chase your fears than it seems
Will heal your wound that cuts you down
Will make the world smile at you instead of frown

You will be left with no worries
I'm there to bear all your pain
Forever i'll stretch my hand
To lift you, up with pride you'll stand

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

MisSing U mAD..

I miss you immensely
My heart only knows
Do you miss me?
That only God knows!

But this kills me
Fighting with myself
Feeling lost down here
In this strange silence

I always need you
And feel your presence
Hearing your sweet voice
In order to give me strength

You don't have to talk
Though it will deafen me
But please dont run away
It's like drowning into the sea

You reside in me
Hiding in my soul
Then why can't I find you
Though you are my very own

Something is missing
Which I can't figure out
May be you can help me
You know what it is about

Sunday, 23 August 2009

BecAuse I l0ve U..

My heart breaks into pieces
Knowing you are behind it though
But i let you continue to do 
Because I love you ever so

I watch you killing me slowly
And i bear it with a glee
Deep down the pain exists
Because my love has no limits

Your actions keeps cutting me 
They torture me with a smile
But I still want to hide from you
Because my love is so so true

Seeing you enjoy doing these
With the pain that went so deep
For the sake of faith I have above
Hoping one day you'll see my love

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Am I sInnEd?

If i have to die tonight
It will be with no regrets
As long as it is in your arms
I know i'll be the most blessed

Before closing my eyes for good
I hope to meet your lovely gaze
That will be the heaven for me
Will it come to me such state?

Every little thing you do
Has made me fall in love with you
This cannot be aware by all
Let them think your love is small

The milky way that ever leads me
With the guiding star in you ever
I'm ready to follow your path
For I'll walk with you forever

Friday, 21 August 2009

WanT t0 bE wiTh U evEr..

If i have to die tonight
It will be with no regrets
As long as it is in your arms
I know i'll be the most blessed

Before closing my eyes for good
I hope to meet your lovely gaze
That will be the heaven for me
Will it come to me such state?

Every little thing you do
Has made me fall in love with you
This cannot be aware by all
Let them think your love is small

The milky way that ever leads me
With the guiding star in you ever
I'm ready to follow your path
For I'll walk with you forever

LivIng wiTh Ur mem0rieS..

Give me a place to hide
Where i can bury my senses
Where i don't need anyone beside
And my soul will not be tensed

Like walking alone in the desert
Hot breeze burning my body
But still it din't affect me
Coz i'm protected by your memories

There is no me without you
This earth is made forever through
Never think of leaving me alone
Without you i'm lifeless like stone

But one thing i'm sure about
Finding you I never doubt
No matter if it's the mistake
I'm willing to commit through-out!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Some0ne wiLl shEd a tEar..

Cant hide the tears i shed
They reflect my feelings inside
The pains borns from it
They kill me when i'm alive

My life shrinks down everyday
There's nothing left to say
If there be a magic to take me away
So that i can be happy my way

Everything around me is a fake
I have no decisions to make
This is the naseeb i take
Whether it's right or a mistake

I don't belong to this place
My absence will not affect the near
But I know deep inside my heart
Someone will shed for me a tear

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

TruE l0ve exIsts..

Unknown disturbance tortures me
Tearing my soul in peaces brutally
Horrified from this terror
Something surrounds me deadly

Why this continues to haunt me?
Apart from loving you nothing i can see
Although this love never made me complete
because my love is not wrong in thee

Waiting for you to call on phone
I see the time as the second rolls
Wonder if you wait like me?
My every beep is a heart beat for thee

My days pass out in missing you
My age wears out in loving too
When my last drop of blood stops to flow
True love on earth will freeze like snow

With0uT Y0u...

Don't run away from me
Don't get scared in seeing
Im just a person in love
In love with all ur being

Like a girl of sixteen
I cry & laugh in my teen
I jump in joy when think of you
I'm active even i get flu

I learn my prose in my heart
I scan those words like art
But why im dying inside
Is it coz you are not by my side

Not easy as it seems to be
Tho' i can view you from the crowd
Yet my soul is hollow and empty
Without you im a corpse no doubt

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

L0ve tUne..

Recalling each and every memories
Under the moonlight's steaks
The undreamt dreams I make
Carve the path with my shrieks

Searching the hidden dreams
Dreams are not dreams without you
Looking above high for the stars
This moon cannot shine in blues

Walking hand in hand in thoughts
With the background tune in hearts
The love tune that you listen always
Brings me closer instead to part

This moon can glitter with its stars
Smiling through out even if far
Shining happily at the message conveyed
No matter the stars shoot at its scar

AlwAys MinE???

A permanent thorn in my shoe
With a deep cut in my heart
Searching for the missing piece
At last I knew where it starts

Stop hurting me evermore
From where these tears flow?
Where are those days go?
That i know no sorrows!

Lost in the ashes of time
Where I see no smoke
But ruining my innerself
It's torture, to noone I spoke

Wetting my pillow every night
Dry one is hard to find
Ultimately I keep thinking
Is this pain always be mine?

Monday, 17 August 2009

H0ldIng the fUtuRe..

This undestined future blindly
That my past missed out terribly
Only my experiences spoke
The Almighty saved it for me

The desire to survive
Had long left from me
Darkness surrounds only
Everyday i live scarily

Leading a lonely life
With no goal to fight
Aiming for the high sky
Will not anymore excite

A silver lining of hope
Exists deep down in me 
While fumbling within the dark
This hope will set me free

PaSsiNg cl0ud..

I hear you whisper in silence
That you are not what i think
The words you uttered so far
Have faded away into the sink

Lightning strikes me cruelly
The thunder deafens my soul
This sound is so frightening
Your words never played their roll

My burning tears smearing down
Unsafe making me insecure
Dream house crushing below
In dark i hoped it glowed

Crawling like a silent snail
You sneaked in to wipe me out
Destroying the unconditional love
Neglect me like a passing cloud

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Ur iMage in My TeaRs..

When I drop those crystal tears
I wonder if You feel it's warmth
They are nothing but the memories
Of your words with so much charm

Unknowingly you are the cause
Of those tears that burn my cheeks
Is it to prove that your love is fake?
Which makes me cry from days to weeks

Whenever i'm drenched in sorrows deep
No one pays attention to my weeps
Do you think the same I think - that
These unseen tears increase my pain in heap

When you found my heart is broken
For all the love I give thy along
You are at fault to put it at stake
When you realise I will be gone

T0getHer in th0ughtS..

Reaching for you into the air
Fumbling to touch your hands
Pull you close into my bosom
Holding you tight where i stand

Chest heaving up and down
By the rhythm of my heart race
Moving your head to this melody
Your hands wrapping my waist

Raising your face, looking at you
Lowering my lips to touch yours
Oblivious of the surrounding
Wish this moment to last for hours

Slowly loosening your hold around me
I see you fading from me almost
Choking my throat when cry your name
Can't be in real but together in thoughts!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Entrapped in this suffocation
I feel an eery lurch on my skin
All I wish is a silent death
When I see no joy but pain within

As though this fate is made for me
Beaten a thousand times brutally
Not a second passed without thinking
Yet to others I am day dreaming

Waiting for the twilight to peep
Wishing I could sneak out flying
Into this long endless sky
But instead I lie on my bed dying

Grasping for Air in the cold night
The air you exhale only can save me
Please come and give my last kiss
Perhaps I will survive again slowly

L0ve mE f0r rEal..

I feel i am falling from above
As a thud to the ground beneath
Attached to the string of love
Even if my heart is broken into pieces

Yet the fall does not pain me
Though love treated me cruelly
Worshipping thee with tits & bits
Yet I could not make it seen clearly

Like before i handle love with care
At last the ideal form in it i stared
Unchaining my heart all that i have
Still it leads me to nowhere

All I plead is one little thing
Do not consider this as a fling
Neither I crave for your pity
Hold me tight for the love i bring

Monday, 3 August 2009

Wish I c0ulD have WingS..

I'm the passing cloud coming and going
In the cold night chilling your being
Wandering and searching as a messenger
For a heaven's light at your surrender

The night sky above me clearing
Wishing i have had my wings
To fly to your door step
An immense joy i would wish to bring

Squeezing myself through your window
To plant you a welcome kiss
Don't want this night to dawn
The wonderful night I don't want to miss

As i warm myself in your breathe
Never stopped thanking God who's above
For having sent someone so precious
To end my search for I'm in love