Tuesday, 31 March 2009

U ! mY laSt wiSh..

Gloomy mood, I can never forget
How I wish we had never met
Battling my thoughts every day or two
Yet can’t take my mind off you

Within my palms will hold your face
Don’t know when, where & which place?
Trust me; my love is so so true
This love will unite me with you

A year ago, I know no tears
Brooding my past, yet I have no fear
Until you came along my life
I’m sleeping everyday on brutal knife

I feel special, that’s how you treat me
Often I wonder how could it be?
Don’t ever desert me in this blue
For you live in me and I live in you

Monday, 30 March 2009

Just A drEam..

It was a dream but it looks so real
It's exactly what i want and what i feel
Touching a face, i caress it lightly
The face that wounded me, i want to heal

The soft skin of it against my hands
I knew it was you, it wasn't blank
My vision covered with my messed hair
you slide it away, as i fixed my stare

Moving closer, melting in you
Your soft voice tells that this is true
It's the same voice that i heard before
But it was a dream i could see no more

Your smell lingered even after i woke
I found myself smiling although i choked
my chest was heavy, my heart beat fast
How i wish this dream to ever last

Saturday, 28 March 2009

BrinG me bAck t0 liFe..

Your harsh words couldn't harm me
But your silent torture is worse secretly
Hands are closed in fists of fury
Deep inside, i mourn in melody

Numerous tricks born out of your lies
Can't see when & dont know why
you are my blessing in disguise
It's just me, i'm not wise

it's been ages since i sleep in peace
No dream comes to make me pleased
All i hear is the silent scream
I'm not gifted, by this it seems 

Gone are those days, but memories linger
Im with all, yet i'm a stranger
Addicted to this loneliness with you in mind
Where are you baby? i just cant find!

Friday, 27 March 2009

I will bE thEre..

When things are dark I'm always there
To hold your hands following you everywhere
Ease away your sorrows, lend you my shoulder
To keep you sane till you get older

Many times we accuse & fight like hell
But that increased our love as well
Those silly fights we often do
Make me miss you and my affection grew

The unintentional acts with unconditional love
Result by my care and support all above
There is no pain when expectations are less
Except your sincere love, I will be blessed

Nobody is perfect and so aint I be
That's how i'm made nowhere to flee
But to your eyes i am a flawless being
That's how my true love has made you feel

Thursday, 26 March 2009

If I c0ulD nAme thIs b0nd..

If i could name my bond
it would be an endless song
with a fabulous tune that rhymes
Lost in those pretty precious times

The bond that no one can guess
That relates you in loneliness
Once upon a time a boy & a girl
who fell in love within their nests

This bond was already destined
To this sad couple unsinned
They know nothing but true romance
Holding them by a thread so thin

If who could name this bond
kindly name also this song
For every note that plays along
will be the spirit of this bond

Monday, 23 March 2009

WarM me wIth Ur brEathe..

The effects that you create
Have imprinted in my heart
The aura that you diffuse
Freshens my breathe till last

My yearnings rise to the star
Wanting to touch the sky
For every caress of yours
Makes me want to let out cry

With you wrapping me so tight
I can hear your fast heartbeat
Wish you could hold me forever
And warm me with your heat

When in love I have no fear
No demons can scare me thru’
The only vision I could see is
Your loving face and my love so true

Friday, 20 March 2009

One dAy U'll undErstAnd..

This is God's whole plan
One day you will understand
Why is there a strange feeling?
You will understand its meaning

It's there in your breathe
Where you will finally see
For now you can't make out
It exists in you baby 

Once i said you were the one
And that i say forever too
There is always no change of heart
There is no one to tear us apart

All moments i spend with you
I guarantee they are very true
You will feel it's in your heart
Somebody loves you from the start

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Impris0neD Em0ti0ns..

Imprisonned in this painful emotions
So painful i have nowhere to run
Soul shrunken, heart blacks & blues
I can only see my life's dead end

Surrounded by incredible worries
Choked by oxygen, suffocated to death
Tightful agonies torture me every second
The only way is to pray for my breathe

In total mess, I lay emotionally
Confusion captures my mind
No solution and no way out
In despair, what can i find?

Yet in faith, i see my strength
As days run, it will thicken
This devilish mind locks tight my thoughts
But faith in you, remains hard like rock!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Unkn0wn IdenTity..

I pasted permanently an artificial smile
And i find it hard to leave behind
I'm just a girl next door whom you know
But i'm not the girl whom you thought so

Some people don't care i exist
Some people only know i'm a mix
So many events have passed my life
Don't know still my own rights

Should i be somewhere else?
As far as i could ever go
Can someone take me there?
Ready to accompany like river flows

I won't worry but will wait
For you being my life's eternity
I'm a strong girl and won't let go
Even though my heart cries for an identity

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

It hAppeneD AgaIn..

Alone i sit with lonely memories
Wondering how life made me feel cheated
Passing the past that had killed me 
Facing finally the mistakes that i created

At the end of the day, my heart broken
For my every move, i kept thinking
Eating my soul, enjoying my flesh
Not knowing the fact that my heart is sinking

Lord gave me a test, to make me stressed
Yet i failed even though i gave my best
Lying on my bed i asked for rescue
That time I came to know i need to rest

For the mistakes i made, i wont be the same
I have to admit that love is not a game
Raising my hands to ask for forgiveness
I cry in prayers, coz i felt in love again

Monday, 16 March 2009

Inc0mplEte DesTinY..

In this painful solitude of mine
In the dark I hear the wind hissing
In my mind the numerous thoughts I ponder
In this horrible heart, I find something missing

These horrible nightmares appear to me
As I walk in the pool of blood
I wish all these were the lies
Or bury my soul into deep mud

I, the terrible victim…
Yet, I possess the strength inside
When I have knocked the door of death
But reality pushed me to survive

Although this is the test from above
Says I failed, but my love is true
This love will accompany my faith
To travel as far to reach you!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

M0rninG BreeZe..

Although i am the morning breeze
Cyclones and hurricanes are at my feet
Struggling to shield myself from them
To come to you across the street

Through out my life i'll compromise
Because The hope within me is tight...
I thought my life is a fairy tale
But i still struggle with the reality fight

All i cherished are gone away
To prove my worth, i shud slog each day
Dint realise how cruel is this unsatisfaction
Coz i realised my dreams by only illusions

This path i walk so thorny for me
You are the only company i want to see
Will i stop detesting myself one day?
And learn to love my life with thee

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

FaiTh in l0ve..

Everything is just like a dream
when love beats your heart
Like rainbow after the rain
Love makes your world fall apart

My wish is to be with you
Even death crossed me through
When i realised my love is you
My happiness is when you realised too

My faith spoke a million words
Tho' all i went through is worse
But when my 'star' broke me down
My life had shattered to the ground

The moon drove me back to this lane
To save my 'star' inspite he failed
However beaten and broken i am
The faith in me cropped up again

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

My pr0mise!!

During the moment of your troubles
Like you feel lost in the mid-sea
You want to scream but dumb-founded
There's no hope around to be

You look around to be in search of someone
You see no limit but an endless horizon
you wanna scream at the top of your voice
There, you hear a feeble sound like noise

You are stunt when you turned around
You see me there with extended arms
For i promise to appear whenever you need
Becoz you are my soul, my heart and my want

I howl, i cry and even i try to die
But will never desert you when storm rises high
I'll be your light in your darkness
For i'm your rescue at your every sigh

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Why tHis happEns?

I dunno why this happens?
Is my prayer wrong at start?
Is my faith so very weak?
Is my joy so very short?

I dunno why this happens?
Does love born with pain?
Will it erase all peace?
Will it leave bad stains?

In spring time you find dry leaves
In autumn you're beaten by cold breeze
In laughter you find your tears
In happiness, you remember your fears

Moments you gave me did not linger
They are messed-up with your memories
Moments i gave you were not stronger
That's why i'm living in grieves!