Monday, 28 February 2011

N0 mAttEr WhaT . .

Here i fight through another day
I don't care what people have to say
But silently i walk down the streets
Feeling lonely looking down to my feet

It's better i keep my mouth shut
I pay no heed no matter what
Should not expect from people around me
Coz im not here craving for their sympathy

I miss your eyes of baby blue
Will you ever give me a clue ?
To where will you be tonight
Will run to you with a smile so bright

Days go by without your face
That's because you had left with no trace
Silently i walk down this street
Feeling lonely looking down my feet

(DediCateD t0 U...)

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Milli0n R0ses...

Long time ago, on a certain star
A small voice told me not from afar
A flower blooms when you sincerely love
This is the sign that came from above

Without a heart, there’s only hate
But when million roses bloom, it is fate
Tormenting tears that fall with bliss
Then I can come back to the star-land I miss

What actually is the sincere love ?
This question I often ask even now
But I know to love, without holding back
That love dies easily if it is one way track

The million roses that bloom my way
Even if sunshine doesn’t come everyday
They bloom only to indicate my love
Because the Lord silently signaled from above

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

1% 0f h0pe..

This is not what I want
Just a pleasure by your glance
But a well understood heart
To prove we have another chance

I carry an expression day & night
Don’t know this is wrong or right - but
I am certainly sure of one thing
This will be my permanent plight

I looked every nook & corner
No-one including you does bother
They say don’t expect anything at all
Not even the least expected from small

I’m tired and exhausted now
Nothing’s reserved for me from above
Yet I manage to live as days go
Coz I still have 1% hope in LOVE