Monday, 29 March 2010

WeakNess envEl0peS mE..

A striking star felt on my lap
Disturbing my mind slowly
My imagination took its shape
Gradually it became a reality

An unknown bond flashed before me
Often a smile appears on my face
Found myself cherishing each moment
By your fabulous enchanting grace

My feelings grew stronger & deeper
You occupy the whole of my mind
My little heart doubles its beat
I was sure of my decision behind

But these feelings begin to hurt
I pretend you are not real
As days roll on into months
To no-one I planned to reveal

A neW phAse 0f mY liFe..

I may have murmured all times
But what i murmured is true

Never have I imagined today
That i'd fall in love with you

It's as if life began two years ago
Where i cant see anything beyond
Never expected my wish would be noticed
I thought this is the life i have to carry on

All of a sudden my future grinned
Hinting i'd brought you at right time
My past doesnt haunt me anymore
It can only encourage that i'll be fine

It seems just like yesterday
On that bright moonlight night
It commenced with my non-stop tears
Thus began a new phase of my life

Saturday, 27 March 2010

I w0n't pAy hEed..

My poems are only to soothe me
Since this world treats me cruelly

This twisting, burning, breaking
Remind me nothing is heavenly

Words said by you to me

Has nothing to the hurt you incur
For the wound is dried though deep
The pain cant be severe further

I often wonder why it happens
Neither will you intend to defend
I have to continue suffer through this
Nothing in life will take its bend

The wound you create is hard to heal
Even if i try, it continues to bleed
But if this would bring joy to you
Like this thousand I'll pay no heed

Saturday, 20 March 2010

L0ve, LifE & TruSt..

There is no end to my loneliness
Even when the world comes to a still
I lie on this heap of selflessness
Where my goal wont be fulfilled

Asking constantly the same question
Where its secret answer is hidden
Cyclone & hurricane swept my life
Like I'm a human who's forbidden

I'm not surprised by this solemnity
Yet my heart feels sad inside
Struggling to come out into the light
Turned around I found love only abides

Wondering what have I done
Why this world doesnt want me
I confess no guts to admit
My expectations left me silently

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

FacT of lIfe..

Living in this beautiful memory
Where my tear drops make it shine
This memory covers rest of my life
Where everything will be fine

Im rich since I possess this love 
Expressing in every single way
My senses wake up when reciprocated
Cherishing its beauty everyday

What is gone cannot come back
But the memory of those days are strong
All the fake smiles I put in front
Just to make you smile along

If you noticed this world is small
Trying to hold billions in its soul
One thing it always cannot avoid
True love lives, but we should mourn

Friday, 12 March 2010

F0reVer WisH..

You are my star who will stop my cry
There's only you who will dry my eyes
I strive my best to fullfill your needs
All you have to do is tell me please

To see you far is a terrible sight
Wanting to bring you near and hold you tight
I'll do anything to make you proud
Will shriek my voice calling your name aloud

Will not let any sorrow to come nearby
Give me two wings to make me fly
Across this sky to be with you near
So that you can wipe all of my tears

Do not let me go even if i die
Appear before me when close my eyes
Sealed me with you by a gentle kiss
Lull me to sleep with this heavenly bliss

C0nceAleD FeelIngS..

I have many questions in mind
Which are hard to express I find
Wont somebody help me get through?
To make these easy pls! I'm blind!

Crumpled papers of poems about you
Written with words that never come true
Words written in golden ink
Engraved in my heart when in blue

This ink is like my feeling
Never fades away in eternity
They depict my unspoken words
That are hard to say in reality

As I write with trembling hand
Scribbling letters I don't understand
Eagerness to express how I feel
In order to prove my love is real

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

SeaRchiNg s0ul..

The echoes of this silence deafens
Hinting that I have no-one
The nights are plunged into quietness
But my heart hears the thundering of the gun

No ounce of change in my remarks
As life continues ignoring me
Though touch your heart with what I tell
But pushed aside treacherously

My strength is gone by the blowing wind
Yet my gaze remains fixed to the sky
Feeling you with me as i bath in stream
Feeling your soul by my side

Everyday I lay in the sleepless sweat
With my body drenched in shame
The trauma of my nights, cold & wet
Dancing in this cruel burning flame.

IrrEgulAr bLiss..

My love for you was plain to see
Though it was written all over me
My love so strong it can't be wrong
I try to make it last an eternity

Numerous questions running in mind
When asked, only lies I find
Money has no value in front of me
It's happiness & joy I look in thee

What tore my heart & drained my soul
You are mine but can't call my own
Nothing in life I can make it stay
All I have to end up crying everyday

Guilt envelopes when smile crosses my lips
My face suddenly fades from irregular bliss
Should my cheeks always remain wet?
Wet by eternal tears I shed for this

Monday, 8 March 2010

DarK l0ve..

Within us there is a storm
It is not cruel, but so very warm
It is so deep and real inside
It hurts so much since we continue to hide

This feeling occured to us, both you & I
At the end of the day, we sit and cry
Together happily He wont let us be
This is how it is destined to only me

Is the secret-love that bad and wrong?
There is no place we will belong
Keep-on loving that's what we do
Where will it lead, we have no clue

As our days end and we must go
To our loved ones, we just don't know
What the future holds for it is blind
Only our secret love that remains behind

Friday, 5 March 2010

L0ve wiLl alwAys finD a WaY..

The gentle breeze when blowing
Rustle of leaves whispering your name
With my cheeks turning cold
Right from the day that you came

My gazes dimmed by my tears
You stretched your hands to wipe
The instant love you gave me
I never forget this moment of my life

The seconds that passed unnoticed
Is like an eternity without air
Not a clue how I will survive?
If you did not come from nowhere

Being the ultimate soul-mate I found
Judged by the entrance you made
This special bond has no bound
So it is written on my fate

Thursday, 4 March 2010

If OnlY DreaMs c0uld cOme trUe..

Tears slowly cloud my world

Holding my pillow very tight
Imagining myself hugging you
My thoughts travel fast as light

With eyes closed I gazed into yours
Searching for the dying desires
All for a second it took
I could describe it in a book

The pillow I hugged is damp
By the unknown tears that swam
When realised you arent there
I felt it can never be the same

Oh! is this only a dream?
Why it seemed so real?
But the tears I can very well touch
Will my heart ever heal?

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

It's All ab0ut U..

Have I ever told you?
The darkness scares me
But I can walk in this dark
Thinking of you silently

Crowds also scares me
When I'm left alone
If your thoughts accompany me
I do feel very strong

But do not send me far from you
And keep me out of mind
I may not know my way back
Even if you want to find

Dont ever let me lose you
Assure me your love is true
My heart can only store you
The lock is rusted forever through!

Monday, 1 March 2010

My EterNel mem0rieS..

Memories are made to last
Last even after I die
These memories gave birth to a promise
That i will never see you cry

When everything fades into the sand
Memories of you will be alive
Will accompany you to the end of the world
Along with you I will fly

Although live in those memories
I will never let you go by
Even when Qayamat day comes
I Will hold you by my side

These so called precious memories
Will last to the end of the time
If ever death comes to me
Will reborn again to make you shine!