Saturday, 30 January 2010

Only f0ur DayS..

I thought it has come to an end
Along the joy, my sorrow took its bend
It happens only at full moon night
Suddenly nature broke my fence

While brooding over my ill-luck
Just when I lost my smile
My plans & missions were stuck
My future was frozzen for a while

During this horrible test from above
A vague vision of you appeared now
Wonder if I should write another test 
Took this challenge ignoring the rest

Obviously it was a new sign to me
To prove my ideal love exists calmly
But this lasts only for four days
You came, conquered me & you went silently.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

ThaT's mE..

I am pretty, no one to blame
Little frightened, but remain unnamed
Don't sadden me, I'll cry at night
I live in distance, out of all sight

I am not psychic, who slits her wrist
I like mystery, where I don't exist
I am very shy, but I'm well-tamed
Won't ignore you, won't bring you shame

I'm full of fake with a plastic smile
I'm out of reach beyond thousand miles
I'm poured with emotions, always in pain
My sky is dark, ready to rain

My tears flow down like tsunami flood
Not tears of water, but tears of blood
I'm loved to be hated, no one loves me
I'm weak inside, but strong for thee!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Key t0 mY heArt..

The door of my heart was sealed
It had nothing to reveal
Since I tried with all effort
At last I gave up once again

Locked it tightly thrown away the key
Very far so noone could see
Not a sign of love to enter
I decided to let my mind free

When I myself can't find the key
From nowhere you came to me
You changed my thoughts within
I realised I still have some feelings

You reached out your hands to hold me 
To prove me wrong the things to be
Wanting to rest my head in your palm
I found the key to my heart you had along

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Tell mE wHy???

What could be the reason?
To place my faith n beleif
Is trust the only one?
It sounds nice n releived

What could be the reason?
When words are just illusion
They are used to assure
In order to accomplish a mission

What could be the reason?
When the vision disappoints me
Because what I see you cannot
Since the vision grew cold in thee

But when you tilted my face up
Asking me to see those stars that shine
Those stars disappear in daylight
One among those stars is mine

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

CurSed by FatE..

That night seems so real
All joys on earth made me feel
Tonight something is wrong
Nothing destined to me is strong

Bloody tears flow from my eyes
Emotions turned my veins to ice
Words spoken yesterday are forgotten
Past time memories have been broken

It appears to be unfair
But my heart beats fast unknowingly
Beating out of the despair
Beating unmeaningly for thee

I am going down the hill
The hurt inside is deeper still
Tumbling down like a heap of waste
Coz lifelong I'm cursed by fate

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Br0ken InsIde..

Above the mountains under the valleys
Hidden in the shrubs rolling into balls
Bruised and battered from west to east
I hear my broken heart feebly calls

The lingering of my bitter past
That stories of mine were never told
Through the events cracked and crushed
The broken heart in me remains cold

The burning flame in my every gaze
With my veins entangled and frozzen
Mumbling my prayer till my last breathe
Hoping the steps I take are not artificial

There is no exit in this dark place
Where my memories hiddenly reside
Nothing is left for my heart to trace
When my heart itself is broken inside

Monday, 4 January 2010

PassIng W0rds..

In my lonely nights and endless days
Struggling myself why I felt this way
Each time you talk, you blew my mind
It's so empty and meaningless I find

Whatever I say, meant nothing to you
Your screams and yells only make me blue
You may forget your shrieks in a minute
But they linger in my heart, when think of it

Somehow you find your way in this temper
Trying to forget, losing my way, in your anger
Forever in quest of the peace in me
In you or your love it can never be

When being with you each and everyday
Did the words I say, even pass your way?
To the extent my heart has become stoned
But why do I still call you my own?

Friday, 1 January 2010

Than I c0uld sh0w..

There's one fact that I can't deny
U changed my world with a blink of an eye
Have been transforming from worst to best
Because you are special to me than the rest

Don't know the courage occurred within me
Is it the best that I can be?
I love to care for you and to love
Because God sent me to you from above

Whether tears of sorrow or joy
It sheds non-stop when I'm with this boy
Should I count my stars when loved by you
Since it's the day when my dreams come true

My search has ended in what I look for
Shukran-Allah! I will not ask more
Each time I sigh when feeling content
This special feeling I never felt

For hours & hours there's something to say
To the sun that sets at the end of the day
But this poem has to end as you know
I LOVE YOU more than I could show.