Saturday, 30 April 2011

An0thEr DaY...

Suddenly I woke up from my bed
I saw the night is blazed ahead
Holding on to the words tight in my head
But my mind is still confused instead

Looking through the mirror of my soul
Uncertain of my future, the truth untold
My eyes are fogged up by my tears
Shedding nonstop that i cannot hold

Dreams & fantasies thread in my thoughts
Disappeared into the thin air like a dot
But I curiously follow the tracks
Creeping fear my journey has got

My hands are sweaty trempling constantly
Grasping the nothing in the air savagely
Breathing the heavy oxygen that comes my way
In order to live through another day

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

PatH 0f s0rr0w...

A mistake was all I ever was to you
A cold life with me you had passed through
The appreciations you gave was all fake
Neither were you pleased with the deeds I made

You turned blind to all my needs
You turned deaf to all my pleads
I underwent this harsh pain throughout
I can't even open my mouth and shout

The beauty inside me you never saw
My presence in you was the only flaw
Promises are fake is what I learned
Inspite of this, it's the star I yearned

How much torments my soul can take
The ideal love, I'm ready to forsake  
I have travelled in this path of sorrow
Will endure this hell if death comes tomorrow

Monday, 25 April 2011

SileNt NiGhT..

When laid down my head in a silent night
I realised my day did not go bright
My gaze had looked for a sight
The images I captured was full of fright

I laid with my eyes closed tight
As if i'm afraid when placed in flight
My life is a battle field everyday I fight
Yet nothing seems to happen right

I'm going to try again tonight
Wanting to catch a glimpse of light
Praying to encounter that Might
Even if I have to wait until midnight

Amist this survival i have an insight
My soul promised me in every moonlight
Waiting endlessly for my brave knight
Helas! that would be my life's highlight

Friday, 22 April 2011

UnplEasAnt StaTe...

Oh moon, don't ever approach me
Im not at where you think to be
Oh Flower, dont get carried away by me
Im not worth as you can see

There may be rain in time of summer
But there is no pleasure in my state
There may be sun in time of winter
But there is no peace in my gaze

Who will know the dream of a dumb
Who will open the door of my soul
Before the clearance of the covered cloud
You came to cry with me like your own

At the time of sadness & sorrows
Almighty decided to create me
He made me wander without peace
And he sent you to see how I'm lonely.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Y0u arE neAr..

If love has the world power
It would bring you by my side
Caring and sharing all I have
Our future cant be denied

Fate had claimed you from me
The promise it once made
I cherished every moment
That you had brought for my sake

In the shadows of the night
I cannot see any light
In the darkness of the day
I can hear the sound of fright

An aura of your presence
Cannot fade away by my tear
My spirit will surround you
In heart and mind you are near

Saturday, 16 April 2011


The sky in her life is always grey
Because sorrows begin her each day
The empty feelings are cluttered inside
With the noise of pains hard to hide

The world she resides is never the same
The soul in her exists only by name
No matter those days how hard she tried
Living as a corpse though her love is alive

Memories are meant as memories lifelong
With him so far she has to make it strong
Striving to live with her heart in her hands
She, alone with herself and her rememberance

The deeds she had once devotedly done
Assure her always that she's not forgotten
Trusting blindly even many times she falls
Her love only grows and not reduce at all

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

CruEl InteNti0n..

Each time I bow down to pray
My tears fall down my laps without delay
I cry asking the Lord above
Why did He make me a castaway?

All that I lived may be ignored
The love I gave may be forgotten
My intention was sincere at heart
But why happiness to me is forbidden?

Life moves on easily for him
But for me it seems to stand still
Like one presses a pause button
Everything stumbled down the hill

Health and Wealth are what I wish for him
Though this type of love I only can give
Since for him Love is nothing but a toy
While for me it is the ultimate joy

Monday, 11 April 2011


Mourning that her life came to an end
His sudden appearance made her cry in tons
All she did was fly in seventh heaven
The new episode in her life had begun

Looking forward from him every second
Thanking the Lord non-stop as she bends
She for him and He for her at first as friends
Lost her heart to him in Love with uncondition

He promised to be with her forever till the end
Without him her wings to fly are broken
Being away from him will take her strength
It happened now and her heart cant be mend

To her, he is not a mere boyfriend
Each time she smiles when his name is mentioned
He is her dark secret where she cannot pretend
she is no one for him but a typical godsend

Friday, 8 April 2011

Br0keN DreAm..

One fine cold winter night
When the moon shined very bright
Amist the suffocating loneliness
she found the ideal love in her knight

Suddenly everything came to a standstill
An excitement cropped up from within
She decided her search is over
But till this day why she cries still?

Brutal love and cruel life
Happiness never comes without strife
Battling throughout this virtual world
With the thought just like his wife

Good or bad she ran only to him
Like a lover that we see in the film
Hearing him she found ultimate peace
And was ready to die at his feet.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

L0st HerSelf..

To those who love her she's the best
The very sweetest thing than the rest
But in real she's a broken and distorted art
Outwardly she plays well her part

Walking, her feet dont sink the ground
The rustling of the leaves is her only sound
Her mind is like the autumn branches
Which has no life when chilly breeze touches

Her world is very lonely and limited
Black and grey are the colors she painted
Those colors shade her life light and dark
Randomly thunder and lightning show their sparks

Like a child she weeps with innocence
This is known only by her in her hell
Slipping down as she climbs the life rope
She almost lost her deep longing hope

Monday, 4 April 2011

MeSsy m0deRn Art..

It was just like a dream
The time of the past years
It was a hard episode of her life
Where she spent everyday in tears

Immersed herself in those memories
Which she decided to take along
The journey she still undergoes
Is now a dark path full of thorns

Now she seems lost in the ashes of time
But she pretends with her fake smile
The silence around her talks in tons
Yet she doesnt know what she's missing

The maddening world tires her fully
She wants to loiter in the dark completely
There's only empty void in her heart
Her mind is messy like a modern art

Friday, 1 April 2011

HelliSh DestIny..

This thud-thud of my heart deafens
The truth that I'm abandoned threatens
The battle I'm struggling within
There's a beginning but no end

No one is willing to defend
Hatred seems to surround my fence
Disappointment is now my friend
I wish one soul could comprehend

Eager to move away from this shell
Full of blood my heart is drenched
Day by day my sorrow freshens
My tears get accumulated in the end

The screams in my head have beaten
On this ground many times I fell
Yet I stood up to fight again
But hell in my destiny was written