Thursday, 29 April 2010

PurE inTenti0n...

Wrong actions you feel from me

Intentions are pure but you dint see
Painful to bear these haunting doubts
Unfair you treat this easily

No where to run to hide oneself
Whether from one or from yourself
The wound so deep leaving the scar
Ego and pride that had been marred

Smashed out my brain if I should stay
Will it be wrong if I block your way?
Happiness forever is what I wish you
Even if I have to walk on fire through

Wanting to be the reason behind your smile
For that I'm ready to change my life-style
The hand that wipes your tears should be mine
I'll strive till end to make your life fine.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My c0nstAnt w0nder..

At the end of the day, I turned around
To see what I've been looking out for
It was a knock! knock on my heart door
Finally it will not open anymore

I passed all my life in groaning & moaning
But the fear in me kept threatening
Hiding my face from the tears I shed
For being so honest, it's only paining

I succeeded in creating a self-brand in me
It's the damsel in distress that nobody can be
My blood clotted, only emptiness inside
Forever, I should live in vain brutally

Every minute in my hour, every hour in my day
I wonder every second what you meant to say
Is it the deepest regret you feel inside?
Or is it the cowardice that kept you away?

Thursday, 15 April 2010

W0ulD u jUst liSten??

Please listen for once, stop uttering a word
Just think of the first day, we met like two birds
The memories we shared, the talks you cared
Those golden days somehow surpassed all these years

All these days, I have lived in wretched tears
the silent tears that fell in this cold atmosphere
Nothing but honesty that filled all my words
Yet my heart broke apart, living in fear

Cut-throat pain, unbearable, yet i beared
Sadness and depression prominently shown, all these years
The silence in me, is so loud deafening my ears
Striving to forget what I cannot, as I am here

A dark special secret you'll remain to be
Without regret, you transformed a complete me
Amist the tears, you did give some memories 
Don't know how this took place, so beautifully ..

Saturday, 10 April 2010

DiffErenT fr0m miNe..

The love of you is so different
It has no resemblance with mine
But your kind is so unique
It makes things difficult I find

My kind of love is so ordinary
Like the love of an usual lover
But when confronted with your way
It becomes weak and makes me shiver

All the desires that I reveal
Is to see the real you inside
It takes you ages to understand
Sometimes it will not meet my demands

Ultimately mine is full of innocence
Its wish is never to bring you offence
It is only a love of a simple girl
Who wants her man to be her fence

Thursday, 8 April 2010

SadnEss f0r EterNitY..

Why my days are always sad?
Everybody around thinks I'm mad
May be I lost my precious smile
But search in you, I 'll surely find.

Every night I kneel and pray
That I'll see you the coming day
It's like I am born anew
The moment my eyes set upon you

For what I have never had
That's not the reason, Why i'm sad
But my life becomes gloomy
That's when, you, i don't see

For you I carry a smile
That will last a long while
Now and forever my tears would know
The salty taste in it, purer than snow

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

TimEleSs TeaRs..

Just the thought of you makes me cry
You are the reason, please wipe my eyes

I'm right there when you are in need
Because you live in me, just tell me please

For you, seeing me cry is a terrible sight
Assuring me all times by a kiss and a hug so tight
One fine day I'll make you Proud
I'll climb to the top & yell your name aloud

Dreaming of you, my eyes are never dry
With you around, there's no goodbye
In good or bad, I'm always near
I need you always to wipe my tears

Every night, I sleep with your lullaby
You come to me, when closed my eyes
You hug me warm and shower me with kisses
Whatever comes, u alone, I'll not want to miss!

Monday, 5 April 2010

A littlE h0pe..

All i have is a little desire
So very simple and harmless
A desire that affects no one
But its joy is grand like Everest

My little hope exists within me
It plays a peek-a-boo game silently
This hope will dawn one day
I'm waiting for that patiently

May my life blossom like a flower
Where there's nothing but beauty
The fragrance that spreads around
Will surely reach you beautifully 

But this hope lives in my desire
Which i know one day will come
My only goal is to complete you
And make you smile like a red hot sun

Saturday, 3 April 2010

LeaVe me al0ne..

O my Sadness! from where you came?
Like a ballerina, you dance like flame
Hovering over me, at my every step
Pulled me to the pool of tears I had wept

When you are around, happiness left me
No sunshine in my soul, no sign of melody
Like a parasite, you clung my being
Making me vulnerable, like a weakling

Is it so hard to leave me alone?
Let me be with the only one I've known
Your constant presence only depresses me
Release me from this burden, leave me silently!

You are the reason, I lost my smile
The sweetness in my voice, the life so fine
Let me experience the days I missed
Where I can laugh with joy and bliss

Thursday, 1 April 2010

If U st0p l0vinG mE...

If one day I have to die
Pieces of myself would wither by

But one thing that would still live on
It will exist even if I am gone

Every time you are touched by chilly breeze

Whenever you wander through the tall trees
The tide water touches your feet
Will remind you how you won my heart at ease

Angels above will sing a song
Conveying the message how I'm getting along
Since my love is strong though my heart is weak
The tears will flow, the eyes will leak

If ever that time approaches me to be
To part from you in death you'll see
The mountains, beaches, meadows will know
Echoeing your voice "I'm sorry to let you go"!