Monday, 29 December 2008

U weRe b0rn f0r Me..

You are an illusion to me
A faceless lover you are to be
The gap that separates us
Approaches in vain without thee

Now that I found you
Still the vision I have is flu
Don’t know if you exist
My birth was never insisted

Right from nowhere in this planet
You made your entrance seen
Among the millions in the crowd
You captured my heart very keen

Every sunrise and sunset
My eyes open & close for you
Not knowing what’s in store
Except I'm yours forever thru'

I'll wAlk With U f0reVer..

Without any regret
I would die for you
If it is in your arms
I’d be blessed life thru’

Before closing my eyes
It’s your eyes I wish to see
If this wish comes true
Need not see heaven too!

Little little things I see
Make me love you more
Little little things you show
Crave for you much more

If our path is full of thorns
Stars above will guide us along
If my love for you is wrong
It will not survive this strong

Sunday, 28 December 2008

It's PaiNing..

Wanting to shriek
Wanting to die
Beaten & bruised
Alone I cry

Who’s to blame?
They say my name
My only wish
Is cut my wrist

My heart is torn
Lonely & forlorn
Messing my life
Weary & worn

Seek help from you
Scolded to trash
Craving to care
Left me to stare

Release me please
Kill me yourself
To give my heart
A place to rest

Fr0zz3n TeArs..

My chest heaved with pain
Taking my breaths away
Can you heal it again?
Before I lose myself astray

Death is a door from me
If I want to forget this ache
Yet I can’t open the door
Bearing my love is at stake

For one word I can’t hear
Is the cruel word goodbye
No matter I am crushed
Never use it if it’s a lie

Should I kiss this tragedy?
Exhausting my emotions fully
Forever will my frozz3n tears
Weep for you silently

Saturday, 27 December 2008

I hAve t0 be Str0ng..

Are wise words lingering me?
Telling me what’s right & wrong
But this heart of mine refuses
And prevents me from being strong

Despite of being captured in love
Considering this state of mind
Wondering why my love is so deep
As deep that makes me blind

There’s this hidden feeling
That always left me unknown
Not sparing this soft heart of mine
The day when this heart is blown

Struggling & battling my own tears
Those kill me slowly inside
Revealing the shocking truth
Bitter to swallow how much I tried

Love pains yet I love again
Hoping this grief will go away
Realizing I’ve lost nothing
When you show me a way

DestiTute is WhAt Im kn0wn..

If our hearts do not meet
I would go my own way
Never would you cross my path
Would our souls intertwine what may?

If our eyes do not meet
There would never be sparkling
That would burn me alive
And make them weeping

If I had not seen this star
Which reflects its light on me
I’d be lost in my darkness
Leaving this moon cold and empty

But now everything’s too late
For I sit here all alone
Becoz none above has realized
Destitute is what I’m known

One dAy U'll c0me t0 mE..

Tears falling burning my cheeks
Lonely soul crying out your name
Drenching the path to my heart
Where my love remains the same

Memories of you screaming aloud
Each time I set my eyes on your frame
Moments freeze out time stood still
When I feel nothing but pain

How long should i live like this?
Unknown where you lead me to
Only your words haunt me ever
All I have in this world is you

Hiding beneath the loads of miseries
Walking in boulevard of broken dreams
Losing myself in the ashes of time
But hoping one day you’ll come in real

Friday, 26 December 2008

CaNt bEar thiS Anym0re..

On this chilly christmas eve
Biting cold freezing my bone
Shuffles my hair by cruel wind
Tears rushing down my cheeks are torn

Your promises those remain precious
Never left my mind a second
As time passes into years
Till the day my life ends

No sunshine and colors in my life
But a hollow exists in my heart
It can never be filled by your love
For we can never be same but apart

Yet I prefer the big round moon
That envelopes me when I’m feared
Fearing from the betrayal around
Where my love for you is bound

C0mpleTe Me..

When my dark nights are hollow
You were the only soul who walked-in
When my arms stretched out to you
You embraced me lovingly within

Whispering the sweet little nothings
When I bend my head to listen
You make me feel so very special
Do I deserve that much I felt?

My nights have turned out colorful
With things you make me dream
You melted my frozen heart
By your silver lightning’s beam

Not wanting my nights to dawn
Fearing you will disappear
With my love for you which shines
Leaving me in the ditch of fear

Wh0 aRe U??

When my dark nights are hollow
You were the only soul who walked-in
When my arms stretched out to you
You embraced me lovingly within

Whispering the sweet little nothings
When I bend my head to listen
You make me feel so very special
Do I deserve that much I felt?

My nights have turned out colorful
With things you make me dream
You melted my frozen heart
By your silver lightning’s beam

Not wanting my nights to dawn
Fearing you will disappear
With my love for you which shines
Leaving me in the ditch of fear

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

I l0ve U, The fAult iS Urs..

If heaven falls or hell rises?
Waves roar or wind blew?
Child cries or birds fight?
Don’t blame me for loving you

Your presence in my life
Is a gift I never asked
Your journeys in my dreams
The sleep I wish to ever last

All the envy I provoked
Developed by the innocent me
All the jealousy I evoked
Created by me unknowingly

Whatever happens, whoever dies
Remember it is never a lie
When each monsoon the rain pours
I love you, the fault is yours

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I mIss U..

Is there a wonder in ur mind ?
That you mean the world to me
There’s a cry from inner soul
It misses you with melancholy

Sitting for hours gaping in thin air
To hear a word from you
When it escapes your mind
I wonder if you miss me too

At times smelling the night
Gazing thru my window the stars
Wetting cheeks by lonely tears
Wishing you shouldn’t be far

If tomorrow never comes
My feelings fail to show you
How will you ever know?
Just how much I love you

Monday, 22 December 2008

Mem0ries U leFt..

Throat blocked to the core
Frightened of what i see
The scar you created so deep
Knocked me down weak-kneed

The struggle I went thru
Left me sleepless nights
Pillow drenched in tears
When you are not in sight

Deep down inside my mind
Memories of yours lay
Fighting against the devils
Who tried to snatch you away

Weeping for you secretly
Choking at my every cough
Holding a wet handkerchief
Amused at your sweet laugh

At lAst I f0unD U..

Every little thing you do
Makes me love you more
The little smile & little tears
Caused only by you, I know!

When you listen to me
My heart pounds so fast
When you assure me in pain
I wish this would always last

The way you hurt me often
I wished to die instantly
But when you come back
Made me feel heavenly

I always accept who you are
For being the natural you
Not for the way you love me
But for the way it is true

Saturday, 20 December 2008

My pAin is Real..

My soul is mourning alive
My body is weakened gradually
My weeping eyes are burnt
Burning my desires slowly

My heart is fading into shapeless
My depression is growing strong
Never will my peace calmly rest
In trying not to prove me wrong

Alone I find myself more often
Even people present in same room
My eyes cried, yet they are dry
Fake smiles on my face bloomed

Hands shiver with pain inside
Running feet searching to hide
Disturbed mind never relaxed
A sign of broken heart inside

Friday, 19 December 2008

BlessIng In DisguiSe..

Did you see how i love you ?
Thru my eyes that shine
By the way I express out
When things are not fine

You, and even you
Don’t know how I feel
How real is this love
You stole my heart, so mean

This love is so romantic
Since you carry it around
This love is so classic
Because in you I found

The words uttered by you
Haunting me all night long
Addicted deep to your voice
As sweet as a song

My love, my prince, my sweetheart
You are a blessing in disguise
Should I count my lucky stars?
Your love surrounds me so nice!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

U left Me SpeecHless..

Sitting here shivering to the core
Pleading to God, don’t want this more
Seeing what I should never see
Until the truth sunk into my being

Howling when reality struck me
Can’t swallow the food crumbs freely
Visions around begin to blur
Unspoken words didn’t utter further

Wanting to scream tears flowing down
Seeking for help, on any ground
Wishing this to be a nightmare
Which startled me from tip of my hair

Can’t digest the fact why this happened
Blaming myself from start to end
Shrinking to pieces when I’m not worth
Nowhere to hide in this vast earth!

Monday, 15 December 2008

MagIc m0menTs..

One instance you are there, next you are nowhere
Witnessing your fade-out, torturing me everywhere
Burning tears are rolling down my hot cheeks
That’s the fact which frightens me for weeks

Rejoicing a few minutes, in my 24 hours
Cherishing the moments when you are with me
Magical passing times that I call it ours
With no regrets, when alone I have to be.

Is there a dream I can never make up?
Hoping that inside, you love me more
Understand I do, the silence you speak
Deeper and intense, my presence you bore

Living with thoughts you carve for me
New memories for you I can hardly see
Can’t live with fear each time you vanish
Destitute I become like an autumn tree

Sunday, 14 December 2008

WhenU sAy U l0ve me..

Why run away from my love?
Why trusting is never easy?
Being myself has been so tough
Faking smile I do for you freely

Hate myself for acting so
Natural act disappears more
Numerous dreams which came untrue
Not my fault, what can I do?

Artificial world that seems to me
Not knowing the real self me
Getting blurred with things around
But not the love I have for thee

Everything will turn perfect
Sun shining & smiling above you
Only my heartbeats remain so quick
When you say you love me true

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Will u l0ve me if I diE??

I often wonder the fact
If i die as a natural act
Will you cry for my depart?
Like I love you with all my heart

Sitting beside the creator
Looking down upon you
Praying for your happiness
Tho’ you live in the blues

Cherishing the times we had
Every minute & every day
Will you think like I do?
And still love me in your way

Love constructed for you
Becomes stronger as I go
Will you love me after death?
Is the doubt within me so!

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

NightMare 0n my Bed..

Crystal tears rush down my cheeks
Landing on my lips with salty taste
Wanting to scream but dumfounded
Tears rushing again without any haste

Blood pouring non-stop from my wound
Trying to cover the cut like a fool
Trembling body, with clumsy hair
Waking up sweating from nightmare

Handcuffed myself by this sorrow
Pulling me to this world fake & low
With the pain locked in my chest
Setting me free I will try my best

Don’t depress me by your past
Want to live till my breathe lasts
Who are you that embrace me tight?
Glowing face, under the moonlight

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

If U c0ulD reAd my teArs..

If my tears could talk
They would utter your name
And tell you stories
That will put you in shame

They would wish to escape
When I cry at nights
But they fail to flee
Without shining my cheeks bright

They always flow in groups
To express their tales
But they never vanish
Even when wiped again & again

They flow even when happy
The moment you are there
They rush when I am sad
When they find you nowhere

Sunday, 7 December 2008

SilEnt l0ver..

Silent lover i am
Loving you, don’t blame
Lonely tears like flame
Wretched being I became

Happiness for you I pray
Worshipping God, night & day
Worrying deep in my own way
Smiling face, you’ll see what may

Pool of tears I create everynight
Losing you, is my only fright
Holding you with me so tight
Don’t know if I’m wrong or right

Wonder where have I gone wrong
Building up, my love so strong
Wanting you all life along
This episode is like lullaby song

Saturday, 6 December 2008

I enD up bEing Al0ne..

Left me alone without a word
Crying for you like a bleeding bird
How much ever I try to prove
You neither listened or like to be heard

All the doubts hanging in me
Are just the unanswered questions
Wanting to clear them to be free
To walk with you till the end

But here I cry my dreadful heart
Wishing to kill myself for you
For you think trust plays a part
When day & night, I prove you true

Ignorance by you is what I got
Body aching, knees became weak
When will you see the love in me?
In silent moments, I wanna shriek!

Thursday, 4 December 2008

BeliEve mE..

I look into your soul
I could see my own
The pain that tortures you
Is the same I go through

Where have your dreams
That had gone astray?
Will the life you want to live
Comes to you what may?

Importance you give your friends
Do I deserve an ounce?
The lies you always hide
Haunting me around n around

Every step you take
Every smile you smile
Every dream you dream
I am always staying behind

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

D0 I haVe t0 pay This pRicE??

Looking deep into your eyes, hair blown on my face
Building up the emotions inside, sighing in slow pace
Longing for your touch, strengthening my faith
Will you feel the intensity of my love, so deep with grace

Petty petty times we spent together with love
Haunting my sleepless nights and torturing me
Wanting your embrace, wanting your grip like glove
To wash away my griefs and letting me free

Being used to feeling you though you are far away
But don’t know why missing you so much today
Come fast to me darling, to hold me tight
Give me a chance, show me your sight

Don’t ever do this to me; Is this a sacrifice?
Burning in emotions; Do I have to pay this price?
Clinging tightly for you are my only support
My life has no guarantee but I love you the most!