Thursday, 27 November 2008

D0n't mAke me Cry..

Whenever i am alone
With no one, on my own
Bitter tears flow from me
Makes my heart brutally torn

No soul to hear me out
Difficult to speak about
All my friends who are there
None exists when I’m without

Living in this fake world
Juggling me in twist n twirl
Stamping me feet after feet
Painfully I have to go on

All the love I have for you
Paid no heed by you, my pie
Dying for you every second
Make you mine is what I try!

Saturday, 22 November 2008

PainFul mem0ries..

Sitting quietly by my window
Struggling with thoughts full of sorrows
Drying my tears that flow nonstop
Blindly confused of my tomorrows

Darkness enveloped without sunshine
With no u beside, nothing is fine
So many hopes, so many reasons
Wishing one day, you will be mine

Eyes waiting in vain, heart shred to pieces
Ur name shrieked by me no one to hear
Seven seas away my heart cries out for you
Although you are far, yet you are so near

What shall I do to lessen this pain?
All of a sudden, like thunders strike me again
Trying to hold my tears that wet my lips
I fell in love, whom should I blame?

Friday, 21 November 2008

TruSt mE BabiE..

I visualize in your heart
Which you failed to see
The tear drops shed by you
Has drown the painful me

Having stopped to hope
To fulfill your sweetest dreams
Discouraged to live more
In this world so mean

Never will you be alone
As long as I’m in this world
Every single step u climb
Keep me in your mind

But every smile you smile
I wanna be the reason behind
Will surely realize your dreams
And make this emotional star shine

SilEnt TeArs..

If my soul is that transparent
Revealing my delicate heart
A thousand tales will be told
Whenever we are far apart

If my thoughts read so loud
Screaming the inside me
They will depict my desires
That you will clearly see

If I scan the earth I live
For a better love than this
Deception is what I’ll get
Worshipping you is what I’ll miss

Unknown about our futures
Unknown is my existence
As days pass by & roll into years
I will love you with my silent tears

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Will U c0me BacK??

My soul has been torn to pieces
When you say goodbye forever
My heart has been pierced so deep
When you will love me, never

My sleep has been disturbed
When I have no you to lean 
My world becomes pitched dark
When I don’t hear your breathing

My dreams crushed to earth
When you’re not there to realize
They vanish into the thin air
When you’re not there to fantasize

The future together we hold
Became the dark dirty past
The anger in you unknown
Painfully it will ever last

Sunday, 16 November 2008

U'll nEver feEl my PaIn..

I’m the world’s best lover
For i bear my special pain
The pain that surrounds me
Coz I wanna be with u again

You cannot feel the way I do
Since your thought about me is flu’
You circulate my mind every second
You don’t know the pain I go thru’

Good actress I’ve become
Hiding my feelings one by one
This has been my best asset
Forgetting reality in the long run

All I wish & want about
You go thru the pain I go
Born for you is nothing but real
Loving you is my routine

Friday, 14 November 2008

U leFt me al0ne..

If I could ever rewind my life
I would never want to meet you
But I know it’s never possible
B’coz I’m destined to suffer through

Snatching my heart so easily
You left me cry lonely tears
Not giving me a chance to say
Not a day you lend your ears

Is there something I fail to give
Nothing is left for me to live
When you treat me like a toy
Serving myself at times of your joys

The dreams I dreamt every night
Have now become the nightmares
Those nightmares that always scare
The day you dreadfully stop to care

A pr0mising t0m0rr0w..

Each night I cry your name  
Next day I feel ashamed  
For you everything I dare  
My love displayed is very rare 
Sitting alone in dark corner
Expecting someone to save  
Screaming my soul so loud  
But pretending to all I’m brave 
Drowning myself in my tears  
Even you don’t bother to wipe  
Reaching out to catch your hand  
Wanting to be a part of your life 
Will there be a new beginning 
With you walking beside me  
Promising a sweet tomorrow  
World full of love & full of glee!

Thursday, 13 November 2008

U neVer t00k tiMe t0 kn0w me..

Whenever you smile
I think you are mine
At the end of the day
Dunno if everything’s fine

Have I become weaker?
When crying your name
Heart crumpled to pieces
Who am I to blame?

Brooding myself in the dark
Stooping low when im hurt
Lonely moon I remain
No star is there to claim

Among the mistakes committed
You being my favourite
All I’ve been is loyal & true, but
Loving me is painful for you

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

U h0ld my FutuRe..

If my memories serve me well
That you captured me all along
Drifting apart from each other
Has never been what I want

But why am I left alone now?
With painful thoughts about you
The only property that I possess
The only company when I’m blue

The sweet memories given to me
Has become my bitter past
Haunting me wherever I go
In my ears they always roar

Loving me is what I plead
Be my friend whenever I need
Don’t ignore this lonely creature
Your existence holds my future

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

CryIng S0ul..

As each second passes out my life
Washing away the yearnings I had
Unknown tears roll down my cheeks
Reminding me the good and the bad

Begging my soul to never weep
For my nights do have its dawn
Memories of the days passed with you
Left by you when you had gone

Far from this madding crowd
Standing alone crying instead
Wishing the wind to carry me on
Dropping me outside your doorstep

Will there be a bright red horizon
When you gather me up & my love
Crying soul will come to a halt
Heart & heart will fly like doves

Sunday, 9 November 2008

ReacHing mY desTinaTi0n..

Being hurt like being dead
Left alone like an orphan
Killed fiercely from toe to head
Finally reached my road end

All the griefs I bore till now
Have the solutions to solve
Nothing worse to capture me
Nothing worse to get involved

Eternal hope I wait for
Has vanished to eternity
No more hope for me to hope
Dying bed has laid for me

Coz the love I fall in love
Has been forced to lose in you
The stranger I met one day
Became my lover, I have no clue

Thursday, 6 November 2008

UnderStand mE..

Screaming aloud is not my way
Yet, my heart thundering astray
Making effort every word I speak
Understand me please, is what I pray

Unaware, my tears flow down
When I promised not to ever cry
Wishing one day, to be with you
After that day, I am ready to die
Not a day passed without missing you
Soul weeps solemnly waiting for you
Freezing my heart at your very touch
Crying silently loving you so much

Will this desire ever realise to me?
Eyes search for you, like mist in rain
At every dew drop melting away
My prince, I long for you in all my pains

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

EmpTy heArteD..

Nothing is what i have with me
Except the dreams given by you
You being my favourite mistake
Willing to commit all life thru’

Would be glad to die this second
If I have to prove my love for you
Wishing you will one day realize
My love has always been true

Leaving this empty world behind
With nothing to remind me
Only those waitings for eternity
In vain for you like an autumn tree

Missing you each passing day
Living my day with a smile
But loneliness is my only friend
Accompanying me a thousand miles