Sunday, 27 September 2009

F0r l0ve's SakE..

Tired, sick of this feeling
This dark n cruel loneliness
Can't sleep staring at the ceiling
Like a semi-dead tigress

Alive again when the phone rings
Empty smile appears on my face
But this duration is for a while
Like my heart comes back from a race

Trying hard not to weep
Fearing he'll hear my cries
Yet the tears stream down my cheek
Escaping my sorrowful eyes

On my bed is an ocean of tears
How much more should I take?
But I'd wait a thousand years
For him and for love's sake

My IdeAl l0ve..

The pleasant moments we spent 
It's not a phase but a legend
Little things we shared n yearned
It's the unfaded treasure we've earned

Helas! why should it change today
It has affected us in a special way
Those behaviours that arise inspite
Are what I found from your eyes

Is this one calls kismat konnection?
Strong faith of mine will have no end
Physically I may be far away
But my soul reaches you everyday

There is an echo in my heart
Constantly whispering I never forgot
My love is tattooed deep in you
As this is my ideal love honest n true

Friday, 25 September 2009

If I c0ulD g0 bacK..

If I could go back to my time
The innocence of my past
And I could hold it tight
The wonderful present would last

I'd cherish my every moment
Bring closer to my heart
And enjoy it to my fill
Where my happiness will never part

Laughing out my heart aloud
In the form of joy and fun
Will admire every action 
Action and gestures I've done

Will treasure every ounce of life
That made me cry and smile
The efforts and pains I take
To walk an extra mile

Constructing my heartfull library
Where my feelings are expressed
That'll be my autobiography
Which I will never confess

JuSt U and I..

Old times that it preciously used to be
Blurring surrounding except you and me
Exchanging the feelings, thoughts and words
Souls interwined with our minds so free

This vision that I wish you could see
Although you are here i miss you and me
My devotion to you made you so happy
Every word you utter is like a melody

Where have they gone those days so quick
We can talk for hours without falling sick
Topic on topic we find to speak
Even in anger we shout and shriek

Minutes and seconds ran away so fast
The only wish I have, this love should last
Will those days come as it used to be
Nothing else matters but you and me!!

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

L0ve s0 pUre..

The pulse beats hard my veins
At every thought in my brain
Every single breathe I take
Results in every smile I make

Each twinkle of my eyes
Dropping each tear till I die
In every dream of my sleep
Like in spring the freshest leaves

The warm flow of my blood
From my feelings like a flood
The sound of my heart beats
Touches the depth of ocean's feet

While my soul torn in pain
With the love that I gain
The wetness remains on my cheeks
From every word my soul speaks

My th0rny pAth..

This path is never ending
Paved with golden dreams
Hopes at the day's beginning
But failure has walked in!

This path has always been cruel
Where you walk with a fake smile
Searching for a place to dwell
But it's far from you for miles!

This is the challenge i face
I tried to handle it with grace
When i thought i had succeeded
The failure beat against my face

Guided by my own wisdom
To embrace everything as test
Thinking forever i will shine
Joining my star at its rest

Monday, 14 September 2009

I'm n0t perFect..

Nobody is perfect here
Neither am I! why whine?
Wish i could go back to my past
And re-make everything fine

Things I never meant to do
Things I never meant to hurt you
Wish I could rewind my life
Then I could be your wife

With the pain dwelled upon me
Has affected you in some way
Now I want to hold ur tears
And live with you many years

When I thought I should die
That time you have passed by
This reason had put me through
And the only reason is you

My SmAshed heArt..

Brutally my heart is broken
Where its shape & form is gone
It has been stamped and crushed
But the throbbing in it is on

My heart is in fragments
I tried in vain to fix it up
For the little pieces are lost
From the result of many erupts

All i ask is an ideal love
But it came as test from above
He did this to me for a reason
So Will my heart be whole again?

I see no one as my rescue
Is my sin so severe to cure
Won't God give me another chance?
Where in the end I can happily dance!!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

WheRe will I g0??

I do not know where will i go
Where no-one can find me hiding so
Seeking the peace that's in my heart
Trying to find the righteous path

I do not know where will i go
So that the fake laugh I can show
But bitter tears wetting my cheeks
In death alone my life will greet

No sun is there to shine my day
Gloomy clouds only await my way
Struggling to live this life happily
Fighting myself in this battle sadly

Stop digging my wounds deeper
The pain is immense never lighter
My head hangs low but still I try
To find the peace I have to strive

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

U nEver TauGht Me..

My eternal desire is to hold you
But it seems to me so hard to do
Is something wrong with my love?
I tried alot to reason it out

Every single day i made an effort
Yet i found myself lacking the force
Finally i lay on bed in pathetic pain
My love increases but nothing i gain

Am i holding you with me so tight?
Although i want to let it go every night
But when the hold of my feelings loosen
I am scared to find myself alone in the end

These feelings dominate me in unique way
Without them i'm a walking dead everyday
A grown-up who doesn't know to live on my own
Because you never taught me to live alone!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

IntErnEt l0ve..

Love's not easy on the Internet
Words of honesty is hard to melt
Love needs eyes and hands to be felt
Only hurts rest but no joy to get

Lovers cant reach through this opaque screen
Emotions and feelings are freezening
Yet they rely on net to express what is felt
When they can't calm down the anger by caressing

Words written are easily misunderstood
Faith and trust are rarely their roots
Kissing the words is the only choice
Only fortunate lovers can hear the voice

This experience I undergo each day
But patience and faith show me the way
No matter whatever hinders my love
The truth in it reaches you like dove

Monday, 7 September 2009

WeePinG is My liFe..

Sitting alone on this bench
With wind shuffling my hair
The ducks swimming on the pond
But my gaze staring into the air

Things around me move faster
They dont need me to participate
Then Why these things affect me?
When I cant cope-up to wait

Going out doesn't excite me
Having fun is not my cup of tea
Doing nothing but i still do
That's also my way of doing too

Pretending that i smile
For everyone all is fine
Who can see my inner heart?
That weeping takes whole part!

F0reVer c0nneCted..

The moments we spent together
The stars in the sky smiled ever
Umpteen things we had shared
Proved every phase we were paired

The person grown-up within me
Is influenced by the love in THEE
The prince that shines more in you
Is proudly powered by ME too!

With the cruel uncertain future
Cannot affect our eternal love
We never know what it holds for us
But we beleive our faith above

Cupid Angel casted his eyes on our level
By testing us in the form of devils
As our feelings rejuvenate by the years
Our true love is strengthened by our tears

Thursday, 3 September 2009

PaIn PaIn g0 awAy..

O pain, please spare me pain
Don't make me cry for you in vain
Crystal tears freezing my face
However i pretend, it leaves a trace

Does love teach him not to ever care?
Does love teach him that life isn't fair?
Can my love enjoy breaking my heart?
Is it my fault if we are far apart?

I thought you sent him for a reason
But here I suffer for his treason
Although this love only kills me
I will embrace it becoz it is from thee

O pain pain please go away!
What have i done to make you stay?
Do you love me more than i love him too?
It can't be true for i can't love you!