Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Will NevEr gIve Up..

I am not crazy nor I am silly
I am in love with you and that's me
Don't laugh at me nor mock at me
For wanting you and loving you madly

Don't walk away and ignoring what i say
It's the sweet fact that you came my way
Not a star but an angel from above
Landed on my heart in the name of love

From the very day i know no life
Waiting for the day to be your wife
I just don't know neither i care
Living without you I never dare

I'll never give up this I guarantee
Will cling to you even if the world disagrees
You are the prince who captured my heart
Please treasure it; and don't break apart!

Monday, 29 June 2009

Am I uR giRl??

Isn't my hair the way you like?
Will you like holding my hand tight?
Isn't my body the way you want?
Won't you match my ideal height?

Din't my personality attract you much?
Din't my eyes pierce your touch?
Am i the way you like in a girl?
Am i pretty enough to make you swirl?

Am i that lucky person?
To whom you will say 'i love you'?
Are you my ideal guy?
Who makes me say 'i love you too'!

Will you keep saying 'i'm beautiful'?
And vow to me that it's true?
Will i stop questioning myself?
And assure i belong to you!

Thursday, 25 June 2009

I'm n0t fAr..

'I love u' is what i said
And i mean it from first day
The comfort you gave me then
Will brighten my life every way

Forgetting you i will never do
Wanting you i always show
Needing you is what i crave
Leaving you i never know

Gripping me tight assuring me
By my side you will always be
Every warm word uttered by you
In my life will lead me through

Missing you in every breathe
This you never come to know
It's so strong in my desire
Meeting you is what i vow

Thursday, 18 June 2009

N0whEre t0 g0..

Tears rush down burning my cheeks
Opened my mouth but hard to speak
Taking a deep breathe to talk in vain
No tears but howl as i cry again

Approaching the death as i bleed
Slitting the scar as nobody needs
Trembling in fear wanting to hide
Chased by the nightmares escaped i tried

Eager to end this treacherous pain
Free up my soul like pouring rain
Why do my heart still freeze like ice ?
Struggling to make it beat again 

I’m your present don’t make me your past
Getting your hint, understood at last
Broken apart tough to put me back
Gave you everything what else i lack ?

Is there a view i fail to see ?
Or refusing to grow be what i be
The air i breathe suffocates me tight
Only you can rescue from this terrible plight

Friday, 12 June 2009

My UltImaTe dev0ti0n..

You are my ultimate passion
That makes my soul melt
You make me take quick reaction
In my dreams whatever i felt

Around me it is frozen cold
I need your warmth to hold
Do not let me die in this world
Tough to survive in the whole

Trust is what you do more
Than the love you bestow
Not lust that you do show
My devotion exists like before

You live in my sights
All you do seem so right
Everything i hear is your voice
Every hug is so nice

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Why cAn't It bE thIs m0ment?

Why can't it be this moment?
That we were not parted
As if you never left me
That this bond is abstracted

Why can't it be this moment?
Let this love be special
With our thoughts exceptional
Let us sleep into oblivion

Why can't it be this moment?
That you love me to madness
That you care for me truly
As i care for you

Why can't it be this moment?
That you never parted
That i did not cry my heart
Everything is same as started

Why can't it be this moment?
Make me think you love too
Only till forever dies
Coz i'm trapped in love with you

Monday, 8 June 2009

My WiSh..

Sitting alone gazing the stars
The clouds closing my views
My sights blurring gradually
The sky turns into a stretch of hue

Wishing to hear together our song
Each time your memories come by
And one day we sing along
To rejoice our love that shines

Walking with you to unknown place
Without you to walk beside
Remembering a voice without a face
Thanking the silence you hide

Holding you as i walk along the beach
Designing your name on the wet sand
Waves rushing touching my feet
In this pleasure i never leave your hand

Saturday, 6 June 2009

D0n't eVer say n0..

Is this the way u care enough?

I don't seem to have a single clue

When you made me so down and low

Why can't you see, am i so flu?

Our lives are two of a kind

The best i give for the solutions unfind

All these efforts for you i do

Not to break the bond but to bind

The reality seems bitter let us put aside

Wanting the old days back take me that side

Trying to forget the unpleasant moments

Which should vanish away to the unknown end

Is something wrong dont know where we go

Many vague dreams tho' our souls din't show

Want you forever as i met you before

Hold me in your arms don't ever say no!