Tuesday, 26 July 2011

WhAt ShOulD I dO ?

If I have to walk a mile
To prove myself another chance
To view your one happy smile
From sky to earth I will dance

I dont want you to be my friend
I neither want to blindly lie
Coz you mean to me more than that
Please don't ask me the reason why

For me gold is not precious
Nor diamond nor platinum in trend
What is most valuable to me
Not anyone can comprehend

Why are you always calm
While I feel always lost
I would like to be so bold
To let them know what my love costs

Thursday, 21 July 2011

ClOuDS oF lOvE..

On that lonely night I met you
My little heart stopped beating
It has frozen with desire
At the sight i was seeing

This night was not clear
And I have noone to blame
But to me it is special
For you have started this flame

Very far by million seas
Though no sea can quench this fire
It hasn't come to me easily
Finally it was like another pyre

Waiting in vain for the day
When you'll come to me near
Ready to cross these million seas
Even if the clouds decide to disappear

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

MeeT mE iN tHe sTarS...

When settling down at the end of the day
My thoughts on you who are miles away
The void in my heart broadens inside
As I wipe a tear I am trying to hide

Closing tight my eyes wanting to sleep
Twisting & turning finally sat up to weep
Slowly recollecting what you said to me
Let's meet in the stars without fail i will be

"Meet me in the stars i'll wait for you
With a bottle of wine and glasses for two
Merely closing your eyes you'll definitely see
Holding these two glasses in the stars i will be"

Remembering those words i began to smile
Gradually i close to shorten these miles
The stars upon the sky beautifully arranged
Still I haven't seen you, no hugs to exchange

Sitting alone with a hope in this heart
You'll come one day won't keep me apart
Vaguely I could feel a shadow appears
A tear roll down my cheeks and the image is clear

Undoubtedly the image is what i want to see
Sitting in the stars as you promised to me
Waving your hand Wanting to come near
Slowly whispering "I miss you dear"

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My FanTasY ..

A little hope remained in me
That one day you'd come along
Will there be an answer to my prayers?
Will there be a music to my song?

Like a miracle that takes place
For someone in the right time
This miracle should change my life
And realise the fantasy of mine

This fantasy was always vague to me
Where I saw no person or his name
But now I know from where it comes
I learned that I am never the same

I'm sorry if I fixed my gaze at you
Please don't hate me if I stare
I'm staring at the hopeful fantasy 
When I saw you standing there !