Wednesday, 30 December 2009

I'm ExhaUsteD..

My constant wish is to hold you
A simple desire that makes me blue
My love I have is out of the world
It takes a lifetime to stop this swirl

Even if I die, my life will go on
Gripping on my feelings that move along
Finding myself in pathetic pain
Because my love for you increased again

Holding you tight deep down my bossom
Fearing I might loosen my grip
Do not know why I do this
I only know, you! I shouldn't miss

My strange feelings dominate me
I depend on them not breaking free
They enchant me, when on my own
By the thoughts of you, I'm not alone

Is this what one calls real love?
I tried to forget the message sent from above
But why is that I want only you?
Forget him girl! that's something I can't do

Thursday, 3 December 2009

I'm a CastAway..

Behind these glowing eyes
Hidden from everyone, all my lies
Many events that blocked my tears
The moments that I wasted my years

Life filled with unlimited pains
Soaking wet my deformed soul
Flaming my road to destination
Burning my skin without being shown

Slowly falling apart to pieces
Melting my heart to my feet
Alone in the dark street of fear
Heads turned away afraid to come near

But yet the last thing I'd see
Is the tears that flow from thee
That is the slow poison injected in me
I'd rather die if that makes you free

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

FallEn AngEl..

I was just another fallen angel
Wings drooped upon the floor
There's no beauty to them
They're worth nothing anymore 

Places where the utmost beauty were
Now the holes of pain reside
There's no feelings left anymore
Nothing more to hide

How much longer until this stops
The pain, the hurt subsides
When can this stop feeling wrong
When can I stop dying inside

I have to pick myself up
To make this all go away
Patch up the holes in my wings
And learn how to fly again

I may not have the perfect wings
I've always wished for and adored
But I'll have to work with what I got
And show them, my life means more

I won't let myself fall anymore
Won't let them see me cry
I'll prove them wrong, I'll get back up
And teach these broken wings to fly.