Friday, 26 February 2010

S0rr0w of l0ve..

I have a tormented heart
Like a worn out art
I tried my best to nurture
But at the end it was tortured

Dressed up with misery now
I saw only the broken vow
The vow I thought is forever
But I can't rely on it; never

The immortal love that I have
Accompanied by immortal pain
No wonder my heart is never gay
Coz the numbness is on its way

Very tough to continue this poem
Since I lost the strength in me
Hopelessly romantic I appeared to be
My love is pathetically destroyed slowly

Thursday, 25 February 2010

WhaT haPpenEd t0 my l0ve??

Alone on this cold bench
Silence gripped my throat
Wondering how I shouted
Having uttered those ill-words

At every romancing of our names
With those tiny hearts as a full-stop
But now this cruel time should i blame?
When my love is a real flop

Locking my fingers with yours
No sign of crack in this bond
Is this is the end of my hours?
Where i can see nothing beyond

Places lingering with your laughter
Haunting my every walk in life
perfume of yours is what i breathe
Leaving me sleeping on knife

Symbols of our love engaved on trees
Brings me nothing but immense pain
Only beautiful memories exist in me
I die everyday of being insane

Can we withstand these miles apart
With drenching souls and broken hearts
Every tear drop that lands on my lips
I'll consider it as your sweet kiss

Monday, 22 February 2010

PriCe 0f l0ve..

She aimed to the highest peak
She was lovely when she speaks
All pains & sorrow dint last long
She was right, proved everyone wrong

Came to standstill when she met him
It was love at first sight like in a film
She bursted into tears at their first glance
He felt she came to him like a slow dance

There was romance, passion in a row
So beautiful only they could show
Forgetting the reality around them
As days roll on, their love grew more

Although handcuffed in this strange bond
No name or definition it could belong
Though miles apart and a breathe close
Their aim in this love is to make it strong

Saturday, 20 February 2010

RainEd my lIfe..

Rain rain thru'out my life
Falling non-stop from the darkened height
Mourning my mood that constantly appears
Wetting my cheeks mixing my tears

Rain Rain please wet my being
Soaking my tears damping my skin
Dancing sadly in this weather
Washing the joy existed within

Rain rushed down my whole body
Every drop of it is a sign so holy
To remind me the sorrow I gained
Melting myself by this sad rain

Rain rain don't go away
Please rain, for me do stay
To wash the pain unknowingly made
And shelter me in your little shade

Tuesday, 16 February 2010


I remember how it used to be
Nothing lasts, I finally see
Since then my feelings are never free
The feelings that had destroyed me

I found my ideal love hidden
I felt good to have fallen
I decided to stay put in my place
Even when my feet are swollen

Is it wrong to put things together?
Wont it ever work? not ever?
Struggle I will, than giving up rather
Even if I'm frozzen cold in this weather

All my words you will never notice
Wonderful words only you will fit
I'm a fool but People think I'm clever 
They dint see how I am a MISFIT!!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

My l0velY ValeNtiNe..

On this glorious day of valentine
My thoughts of you engulf my mind?
The joy in my heart I can’t reveal
Especially to the ones I never hide

Tears rush down burning my cheeks
Opened my mouth but hard to speak
Taking a deep breathe to talk in vain
The tears of joy rushed down again

Wanting to embrace the death this second
In order to fly my soul towards your end
Trembling in fear when appear in front of you
Chased away the nightmares I get in blues

Every “I love u” uttered by you
Is the lovely garland you put me through
My Rabba above is watching all these
That my love for You is forever True

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Int0xiCateD Ins0mniA..

I'm aware, I'm aware
I'm goddam very aware
I seem to be in deep sleep
But I'm goddam aware

I'm aware, I'm aware
This darkness surrounds me
The sensation seeming so loud
I'm goddam very aware

I'm aware, I'm aware
How much I'm insane
Gnawing all my nerves
I'm goddam very aware

I'm aware, I'm aware
My brain always awakes
To bring all my pains
I'm goddam very aware

I'm aware to the full end
If ever I close my eyes
I'll lose all I gained - but
I'll be alright again

Thursday, 4 February 2010

DisTurBing sIleNce...

The silence of the night
The stars that shine bright
The serenity of my soul - where
The calmness of my love is shown

I stare into this space
Where pin-drop silence took place
Fearing I might disturb
The smile I have on my face

Why sleep did not come to me
My mind thinks non-stop of thee
Though eyes remain closed
The tears escaped freely

There! I decided to sit up
Staring into the dark
My mind always disturbed
Craving to hear your talks