Monday, 27 June 2011

A LovE liKe No OthEr ..

From my teenage to a young lady
I never felt like this before
A feeling out of the world
An unique feeling I've always hoped for

A feeling with love & friendship
Which has humour comes from the heart
It's a feeling that is so strong
It's a feeling that shatters when departs

Many times I caught myself smiling
A smile very broad from ear to ear
It brings an unknown joy to my soul
It comes surpassing all the fears

This is not an ordinary feeling
But very sensitive and very true
It is exceptional & hard to find
Finally it is found ONLY IN U !

Monday, 20 June 2011

My LoVe ... EveRlaStinG !!

You were the dream that filled my thoughts
An unrealised fantasy that i already forgot
I want to escape from this reality
An excuse I invent and smile alone sadly

You are my fairytale that never comes true
This I'd already known the day I met you
But wanting to live in this comfort
That one day this dream will heal my hurt

So many heartaches had crossed our ways
Just because this distance that kept u away
Every new path we are forced to take
Paved us the road that saved us from this fake

Life is not easy with burdens and drama
But I bear for you though you are far
Everyday surviving in this state so blue
That's because I have my love and soulmate in YOU

Friday, 17 June 2011

WheN looKed iNto YoUr eYes..

When first i looked into your eyes
Unknowingly i let out a thousand sighs
The thunder sound of my heart's beat
Sents me a shiver from head to feet

Your loving touch on my soul
Another inning of my life took its toll
The tide of love began to rise
Number of stars twinkled my sky

Just like a rainbow after the rain
My yellow horizon appeared again
When my eyes romanced with your eyes
All time and space were paralysed

Nothing but love I was shown
An universe I had never known
I dance and sing in this paradise
Each time I look into your eyes

Friday, 10 June 2011

O mY baBy ..

Are you a friend, or a lover ? 
You ask me to lie on your lap, lean on your shoulder
If I come closer, You say I'm your friend - O baby !
Why are you killing me, Why this torture ?

I'm melting slowly like a candle, 
You are coming in my dreams too
Splitting my eyelids, you kill me every night
What is your reply, save me from this plight

I asked for a drop of water
But you are drowning me in rain
I bend like a crucified cross
But in pleasure u erect me again

The tear at the corner of my eyes
Makes me blabber in excitement
I feel Like a desert flower - coz
The joy you brought has no end

All my dreams are in black color
And I see the nights in day times
O my knight in the shining armour
Come to me like the poetry that rhymes

I stand alone in the dark
You sent lights to surround me
I was locked in a room
You gave me wings to fly happily

Im crushed like a stamped flower
Abandoned child in this world
Creator doesnt come direct 
But you came and made me whole

Saturday, 4 June 2011

ThiS Will hAppEn..InshAllaH !!

Everything has come to an end
God has put a full stop to my joy
I decided to put myself a fenCe
Now nobody can treat me like a toy

Does this have to happen to me?
Is there any sin left unknowingly
When will my punishment get over?
Will the tears of sorrow stop slowly?

Thousand of needles poking my body
Feeling restless in this melancholy
Every second when I think of this..
Stream of tears flowing out continuously

Certain things better left unsaid
Since their meanings have no value all the way
If one day my love decides to speak
It'll bring u to me come what may!