Thursday, 4 August 2011

Will You?

Will you still love me even if i'm not perfect ?
Will you still want me if im not what you wish ?
Will you still look into my eyes whenever I talk ?
Will you still hold my hands to wherever I walk ?

My silence is because i fail to find words
To express my struggle to live on this earth
Unknowingly if I was the reason for your tears
Neither was I happy in these past cruel years

My desire is to protect you and see you smile
Even if I can't but willing to crawl for miles
At times my troubled mind soaked you in pain
I swear to you that i will not do this again

I love you and would love you from my heart & soul
I know I can do this since you are noone but my own
I only survive by your devine love forever true
This is why I look beautiful to many eyes & to you


гαvι said...

gOOd one naaz......

Naaz said...

Thanx ravi !!!

☂☆ Vållῐ ★♬ said...

Love also makes us look beautiful...true....NIce poem dear...:)

Mohit Gupta said...

Nice Poem. Keep it up Naaz ;)

Naaz said...

Thanx Valli, thanx mohit.

Glad u like it !

Maria said...

Beautiful poem! :) <3

Naaz said...

Thank u Maria ...